Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slower Pace

Finally it seems that life is slowing down a bit around here.

We have spent almost everyday at the pool this week and this little girl settled in for a nice, long Saturday afternoon nap. Some days she can go without a nap, but eventually it catches up with her and she crashes for a long nap. All three kiddos enjoy the pool so much and we have spent lots of hours out there already this summer.

Today while my youngest was napping, the boys got this creative idea to decorate jerseys and play an inside game of baseball with a soft bat and ball. When Kyle wants to, he can be an amazing big brother! Check out jersey that Kyle made!

Their game even had a homemade scoreboard!!! They pulled Webkinz out of their room for "fans" and each boy even had a special bleacher section. I was so impressed with their creativity but I was worried something would get broken.

Here is David's shirt!

Besides the creativity, I love watching my boys work together cooperatively on something. Afternoons like this would never happen during the school year due to the crazy schedules we keep, but today on a dreary afternoon during summer break, we actually had time for this kind of play. I love it.

This week Kyle will play in his District All Star tournament. He has a game each night of the week to see which teams will advance to Area. Kyle is super excited and ready to play! Mommy will of course be nervous!

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