Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome Summer!!!

Another school year is now complete and we are so excited around here to welcome summer!!!! I went to both boys' schools today to say goodbye, give out presents, and say thanks for a wonderful year. Both boys had great teachers this year and it is always hard to properly say thank you to people who have invested so much in your child. I always wipe a tear or two away as we depart on the last day.

Here are my three babes heading out on the last day of school. Hope and I went to David's school to volunteer for the first grade farm party. She was so excited to volunteer today!

Here is Kyle with two of his teachers. These ladies are great and he had such a great third grade year. It blows my mind that I now have a fourth grader. We joked during our picture taking that Kyle is almost taller than his teachers!!!

The first graders at David's school rotated around stations and here is Hope enjoying some ice cream with David and his friends.

Here is my boy doing the sack race. First grade had organized a farm party and it was so cute. They decorated these cute hats and then got to rotate around and play some games. It just seems like yesterday that I was hugely pregnant with Hope at Kyle's first grade farm party.

Here is DAvid's class after they decorated their hats. Earlier in the week they made these cute tie-dye shirts that they wore for their show. They got to wear them again today fro their party! So cute.

Dave wearing his cute hat that he decorated.

This picture is so precious to me because these three ladies are amazing and have been such a blessing to David. Thankfully we did not have to say goodbye today because DAvid will have these ladies again next year. I still teared up saying thank you and goodbye today to them!

My three cuties! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. Didn't Kyle just graduate from preschool last week?

Our family has a tradition of going to Hungry Mother Park right after school on the last day to cool off and officially welcome summer. The kids love going and it is a perfect way to relax after a hot crazy morning at school.

Hope and Kyle swimming together. Kyle has really morphed into this awesome helper to me lately and I am so appreciative. When he wants to he has such a helpful, sweet spirit.

I am not clear whyt his picture is kind of hazy, but here are my three swimming together. The beach was crowded today but they had such fun.

Thank you Lord for the gift of these children and that I am blessed to get to spend my days with them. I know this summer there will be high drama days in our house, but I am so thankful that we will be together this summer.

So welcome summer 2011-we have waited soooooo long for you!!!!

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