Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun, Friends, and More Ball

Well, this weekend was once again full to the brim with fun, friends, baseball, and church.

On Saturday we spent many hours at the pool and we had fun with lots of friends that were also there. I love that about the pool-you never know who is going to be there and it is such a surprise when there are lots of friends to visit with.

Hope is still loving her puddle jumper float and gets braver each time we go.

My kids get to the pool and eat like crazy! Saturday we had planned a little food and fellowship with some friends-some brought drinks and some brought food. My girl laying out chowing on her corn dog!

David, Grace, and Hope!

On each trip to the pool David jumps off of the side 6 catrillion times and on this trip he talked several friends into joining him.

Sweet poolside kiss! They do truly love each other and mostly play so well together.

Here is our food and drink table!

The Robinson totem pole! They love to take pictures before church? David picked the spot and they all lined up! I tried to get a picture of just the boys but Hope insisted to be in each one! HA!

Hope's princess dress came from the Jonas family for her birthday! She was super proud of it and we had to pry it off of her at bedtime.

Sunday was Kids Sunday at church and all three of my children got to participate! I love this banner-super cute!

Here is Miss Hope and the preschool choir! She is Ms. Teresa's buddy so she stayed pretty close to her. I was just proud that she saw us and stayed with her friends:) My baby is certainly growing up!

Kyle did a reading and I thought he looked so cute in the pulpit! He was not nervous at all.

Then there was Mr. David who fully (and I mean fully) participated in the children's musical about the ten commandments. He added his own hand motions and took a bow after EVERY song they sang. This guy has music in his soul:) I also love that he is standing beside Micah and before the song was over, Micah gave him bunny ears!

After church we rushed off to the first game in Regional play for Kyle's All Star team. One of the coaches had put this on the back of his car:) The kids loved it!

Unfortunately the game did not go so well, and we lost the first round. That is okay because we are going back tonight ready for some revenge. Thankfully it is a double elimination tournament. Lots of parents and players went out to eat after the game and we had such fun laughing and having fun. Vacation Bible School also starts this week at church so once again we are looking ahead to a busy, busy week.

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