Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catching Up

Whew-life has certainly been fast-paced lately, but the finish line is oh so close and this family is ready! School is out this Friday and we are so excited to get our summer on around here.

Unfortunately this week we had to visit our local emergency room with Dave. Monday night he got super sick and the doctor in the ER diagnosed him with strep throat. Tuesday he stayed home with me and during the morning time his ear drum ruptured. If you look really close in this picture you can see the gunk draining from his ear down his sweet little neck. He wanted to wait and let Ashley look at it before he would clean it out! So, next week we have a consult with an ENT doctor whom I suspect will want to put tubes in his ears. After watching him in pain this week and knowing that his hearing has been compromised over the last month or so I am okay with it.

Thankfully today he felt better to go back to school for the first grade musical!!! He was in the front row and rocked! His class sang a song by the Black Eyed Peas and he loves that song and he gave it his all! I loved watching him perform!:)

As you can tell he does not have a shy bone in his sweet little body:)

He gave it his all! He has had such a wonderful first grade year with some sweet kiddos in his class.

Speaking of friends, we are in the midst of party planning around here! We are having a joint pool party for DAve and Hope later in the month. Since David's cake will be Buzz and Hope's will be princesses, AShley had the great idea to dress them up in their costumes for their invitation. I hope we have as much fun at the party as we did dressing them up for these pictures!

We are also in the midst of summer reading around here. Our library does a great reading program where the kids have to log their reading minutes. My little ones are taking it seriously and want to read all the time. Thankfully Kyle pitches in and reads to them too!

So this was their best group photo op for their invitation. Sigh. One of the hardest things about having multiple children is getting a good group shot. I will look for an invitation that has two picture slots:)

Here is my littlest one getting ready to turn 2! How has this happened? She is seriously into princesses these days and her cake is going to be princess something. Still working on that part. We have made the guest list and booked the pool so now we will start menu planning. I love to throw a good party.

Our evenings are still super busy because we found out on Sunday that Kyle made the 9-10 Allstar team! He is really excited and they plan to have lots of practices over the next two weeks. Our town will host the district tournament so thankfully we will not have to travel to play like last year. He also has an upcoming outdoor swim meet that he is looking forward to.

So that is the update on our life the past week or so. Enjoy the hot sunshine!

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