Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahhhh Sweet Relief

We finally have some sweet relief around here because Mike is finally home from his big conference in Charlottesville. He had a week-long tedious and intense conference to attend while the kids and I kept the home fires burning.

I took a leave of my senses and allowed the kids to talk me into an indoor campout two nights before Mike got home. They really had a blast but it took me hours to wash and put away all the blankets that they pulled out.

Kyle got them each a glow stick and those were a huge hit! I cannot believe how much Kyle and Hope look alike in this picture-wow:)

This little one loved her glowstick and David put music on for them to dance to with their sticks. It was wild for sure but I think the kids had such fun.

David was our silly camper-he could not stop laughing! We played a few games and sang a few bible school songs. I will always treasure the memory of singing the song Beautiful One with my babes in the semi-dark. Precious, priceless memory.

Because this was an impromptu campout, we did not have a fire, or smores, or really anything so we lit candles and kyle made a glow stick swag! He is super creative.

Here they are all snug in their beds ready to sleep! The funny thing is that this was the only time they were all cozy like this! David chose to sleep on the couch, and Hope and I ended up in my bed. Kyle was the only true camper that spent the night on the floor.

My sweet boy snug as a bug in his bed.

Princess Hope in our king-size bed! Her curls have gotten so wild this summer.

Sunday morning Hope wore her new dress to church that I bought at the Hungry Mother festival.

Sunday afternoon while we waited for Mike I was the teacher and made the kids do some school work-here is David working on some handwriting and sight words.

David is helping Hope color a picture-she is really into coloring and writing these days.

We are all so relieved to have Mike home. I know he missed us as much as we missed him. I have a new admiration for single mothers because when I fly solo as a parent I feel so responsible and on edge. This week we are trying to fit some more summer fun in around here. The clock is ticking so loudly on our last days of summer and I am determined to squeeze in as much fun as possible!

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