Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This week Mike is gone for a while so my wonderful, amazing helper Ashley went with me and we took the kids to Wilderness at the Smokies for a couple of days of swimming and fun.
It was hot, hot, hot but as you can see this one had a ball! We first stopped off at the Disney outlet and found this cute Buzz and Woody swim shirt and suit on clearance and then we hit the waterpark. Check out Mr. Dave shooting the ball as he jumps off the side!! This swimmer has come so far this summer-we are all so proud of him!

These baseketball goals kept the boys entertained for a long time.

David was brave enough to stand under the Big Bucket!!

Kyle and Ashley braved the big slides, but I chose to watch from the bottom!

I love these two boys! We had such a fun time except for the trip down. All three whined about different stuff the whole two hours there. I was so thankful to let them hop in the water when we got there.

My three are all on such different swimming levels so it thrills me when I see them all playing together. Kyle wants to help Hope swim more but she often demands that I help her! Hope is my fish and can actually swim under water to me now.

This is really the best shot I could get of all three. Hope is really trying to say cheese and her hair is WILD, but here are my three angels.

Kyle is really a great big brother when he wants to be. Hope was obsessed with these little water spouts all over the place and he would patiently sit with her and play.

Then brave girl decided it was fun to put her whole face in it!!

The big bucket!! Every few minutes a huge bucket of water would dump and Hope and David loved to watch it from afar, but Kyle was right in the middle of it. Look hard and you can see Kyle underneath the spray.

So the last few days have been full of swimming and fun. Tonight when we got home we unpacked and repacked for another trip to visit Mike in Charlottesville. Kyle and I are leaving in the morning and Hope and David are going to GG and Pop's house. Kyle is super excited to wear his VT shirt on the campus of UVA and visit Mike.

Mike is at a long conference at UVA this week with some other awesome administrators from our county. He is working hard this week so Kyle and I are going to go visit him and our old stomping grounds. Kyle remembers Orange County and I want to show him some of our favorite spots from that time in our lives.

So we are off tomorrow on another adventure. Hope and David are excited to spend some time with GG and Pops and Kyle and I are going to wear out VT stuff and walk around UVA-Ha! I am taking Kyle to Monticello and we will definitely get a Bodo's bagel. I love where we are living now and it is so home to us, but I sure wish there was a Bodo's bagel here sometimes.

I am not looking forward to the heat or traffic in Cville, but I think Mike would appreciate some company at his conference. He works so hard and I am so proud of him. I know I don't tell him enough. So for now we are on the road again!

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