Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Tonight as we were pulling into our driveway from a day out and about shopping and having fun, it hit me that we have had a staycation the last few days. Mike has only worked one day in the last five due to the holiday and except for two days trips we have been here at our house.

We did very little packing yet we have had lots of quality family time. The boys have played golf, we have enjoyed the pool, we have worked in a trip to the lake, and today we went to the nearest big city for a day of shopping and Chuck E. Cheese. We truly did not plan anything but we have really enjoyed our holiday staycation.

I almost hurled when I saw that Walmart was starting to put out the school supplies. I know the calendar is marking days off of summer way too fast, but I am determined to enjoy these days. So far we have truly had a wonderful summer and we have sucked the life out of each of our days.

So far this summer we have really not been farther than the state line, but we have certainly had lots of quality time with family and friends. I am finally realizing that quality time is precious and enjoy it whenever you can get it. I always have thought that big plans had to be made to have big fun, but thankfully I am understanding the concept of quality time.

We are excited in a few weeks to meet Mike in Charlottesville and roam around our old stomping grounds there. There are some special people in Orange County that I would love to give a big hug to and hopefully that will happen. Our Disney trip is coming up in about two months and I think that I am as excited as the kids are!

So tonight I am so thankful for the time that we have gotten to enjoy our Staycation here on Gordon Ave. The upcoming weekend is calling my name with a party on the horizon for our two youngest and a jet ski that my Dad is getting ready to polish up for us all to enjoy! Enjoy every sunshiney moment-we will be shoveling snow before you know it!!:)

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