Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Toys and Family

We have certainly had lots of water time this summer. I love that my kids love the water as much as I do!

Here is a cute picture of Hope at the pool with her new obsession-GOGGLES!! She insists to wear them with her puddle jumper. This one has no fear in the water for sure.

This weekend we have enjoyed our new toy-a jet ski!!! My Dad has worked hard this week to get this thing polished up and ready for fun. Needless to say that my red-head loved it so much. Unfortunately Mike and I need to take an online course so we can drive it legally but the kids love it so much.

Mommy and David!! I love when my Mom or Ashley pick up the camera because there are actually pictures of me on this trip with the kiddos!!

This is the fashion statement-new bathing suit coupled with her bandaids from her two year well check shots on Friday. She would NOT let us take them off but thankfully a dip in the lake helped them come off drama-free!

I could truly write an entire book about this hilarious picture but here is my Dave happily riding on the police boat!! I cannot even type because I am still laughing so hard about this! Yesterday while on the lake my Dad took David out for a spin on the jet ski. My Dad was summoned over to the police boat for pulling away from the dock too fast (good grief the jet ski rules are lengthy) but anyway, when he stopped the jet ski to talk with the police, he and David BOTH fell off of the jetski! The police were nice enough to help them and then they safely brought David back to the dock. When the police asked Dad which dock to take DAvid to he pointed to our dock and said "the one where everyone is laughing at me like a hyena!" Funny, funny times for sure.

Dave on the tube!!

Mike and Kyle on the jet ski!

Mike and DAvid

Kyle and Bre waiting to go tubing! These two were at a swim meet and met us up at the lake when it was over. They both swam well and then they came up to the lake for some fun.,

Kyle tubing and givin us the signal to go faster!!

Three cuties ont he float!

They are not old enough to ride solo yet, but they had fun when it was tied up to the dock to sit on it and jump off of it! Such sweet friends.

I love these two cuties sitting on the dock.

I don't know who took this picture but I LOVE it! Hope is brave enough to swim and then climb up on the ladder by herself!

David and Mommy snuggling on the big big float. We really had such a fun fun day at the lake. Ashely got to join us for the day and we really had some relaxing time. I love going up there and I love quality time with family.

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