Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Road Again

Wednesday morning Kyle and I set out on an adventure to Charlottesville to visit Mike at his conference. I was so excited to show Kyle all our favorite sights from Central Virginia so our first stop was....

The scenic lookout on Afton Mountain! Unfortunately it was freakishly hot and hazy so the view was terrible.

Our second stop was the UVA football stadium so I could get a picture of my Hokie at the stadium. All rivalry jokes aside, the campus there is beautiful and the stadium is really pretty. We just hope that when the Hokies come to town that we win!

The next day we went to Monticello and here is Kyle posing with Mr. Jefferson himself!

One view of Mr. Jefferson's home, Monticello. I have to admit that I really enjoyed getting my historical dork on and learning about all things Jefferson. It was a great family-friendly tour and we both had a great time despite the crazy heat.

Another view of Monticello. That place was so beautiful and we had such a fun time.

After the tour we went to the hands-on center where kids could touch and play with replicas of the original items that were in glass cases. Here is Kyle all sprawled out on Mr. Jefferson's bed.

Here he is in his chair printing a letter on his "copy" machine.

Kyle and I decided that although we love Monticello and think that Mr. Jefferson is brillant and amazing, we both find him hypocritical. He pens a famous document talking about how all are created equal and have certain rights, but he himself had 200 ish slaves running Monticello and he only set 5 free during his lifetime. Interesting-huh?!

Anyway, the little ones had fun at camp GG and Pops and Kyle and I really had a great time in Charlottesville. We stayed with Mike on campus and we ate really good food, toured around, went to see the movie Zookeeper and we just enjoyed our time together. Kyle is not perfect by any means, but he is really becoming a wonderful, mature, and kind young man. I so enjoyed our conversations and I think he enjoyed his time with us and Mike's coworkers.

So tonight we are all home anxiously awaiting Mike's conference to be over so we can all be together again. I am so thankful for all the wonderful time I have had with the kids this summer. I am already working on my summer highlight post because we have really had some fun, fun times this summer. I know the school supplies are rolling out at Walmart which means that school is on the horizon, but for now I am going to continue to enjoy the time with these wild, crazy, and hilarious kiddos.

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