Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Girl Room

This summer we have worked hard on cleaning out Hope's nursery and turning it into a big girl room! I picked out a cute comforter set at Target and we have bought cute decorations on our summer travels. I love this flower to take up some wall space beside her closet. Her room is not huge at all, so we have had to make wise use of the space so we can keep all the furniture that I want to in there. We bought her furniture when I was four months pregnant with Kyle almost ten years ago-gasp! It is so full circle to now be breaking it down to use as a big girl room for our last baby. That crib has served us well and with David we also used it as a toddler bed.

Here is the lamp that matches her stuff with her awesome P. Buckley Moss limited edition framed picture that was a very special gift to her when she was born. I also need to put back up her letters of her name that was a gift from Mike's aunt and cousin. They were above her crib so now they need to be moved.

Here is her sweet, new big girl bed! I love the colors because it is definitely not baby colors with soft pastels, but it still looks little girl to me. She will have plenty of time for brighter, bolder colors when she gets older.

After her bath she was so excited to read stories in her new bed. I think we read just about everyone on her bookshelf. Her Oma gave her the sweetest lullabye book with a CD and we just laid in her new bed and sang some of the songs on that sweet CD.

Her drapes still need some ironing and maybe a tie back, but they are so sweet and have the same butterfly and flower pattern from her comforter. I also bought these cute wall stickers that match that add a little fun above her drapes.

Her room is a tight squeeze, but here is her bed and cute little nightstand/cubby that I found at Hobby Lobby!! I really wanted her enormous doll house to fit in her room and we made it work thanks to Ashley's awesome moving/carpentry/geometry skills. I really need to find something kind of big and cute to hang above her bed?

Here is sweet girl ready for bed in her Hello Kitty jammies. I bought all her sheets, comforter, drapes, and wall stickers at Target.

I wish I could say that she drifted off to sleep peacefully, but when it came time to turn off the lights and go to sleep she balked:) But as I write this her Daddy has gotten her to sleep and he has put her in her bed. We will see how long this lasts:)

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  1. How sweet is that room. I see many sleep overs for three little girls in the future!!