Saturday, July 16, 2011


This past week has been catch-up week around our house. We have stuffed so much fun and sun into our summer that we really needed to stop and catch up a tad. The boys were invited to go to Bible school with some friends, so off they went every evening for a few hours. Mike and I enjoyed our time with Hope solo.

One night while Mike worked late, Hope and I had a spa night! We did her toes, finger nails, and then she actually let me french braid her hair. It has gotten so long lately and I am always experimenting with different hair styles. It is hard because with summers humidity her wild curls escape any hairstyle! I have a lot of practicing to do, but here is my first attempt.

David throughly enjoyed VBS at our friends' church and he was selected to throw a pie in the face of one of the men in the church because they won their attendance goal! I wondered if DAvid would be brave enough to throw a pie in a strangers face in front of 100 plus people, but oh no-he loved it!

Today has been super cool and rainy, so while I got some cleaning done, these two made themselves comfortable on our bed to watch a Jason Aldean video! This picture cracks me up!

During a break in the rain today, Mike and Kyle went out and played golf. Hope and David were so excited to sit on the deck and watch for them to come to the hole right next to us so we could cheer them on! Here is my sweet piggy-tailed girl!

Here is Kyle putting the hole before ours. I love my new lens because it helps me get far away action shots.

This picture sums up these two-they truly are Mike and Ike! I am so thrilled that they have this special Daddy/Son time in our backyard. Usually women get annoyed when their husbands take off to play golf, but I am so thrilled that Mike and Kyle have found this new sport they can enjoy together. Mike coaches so many of Kyle's sports which can get intense and crazy, so I love watching them together on the golf course. Mike is so careful of spending quality time with each of the kids. He never leaves on an errand that he does not take one child with him.

Here is Kyle teeing off on "our" hole. I was so impressed how well he played and I think he might have given Mike a good game today. Kyle has recently fallen in love with pitching in baseball and golf. I also think Kyle looks 14 in this picture instead of 9.

Here is Mike! I do not think he had a very good game today, but I know they had fun.

These two were so excited to watch for them to come to "our" hole that they just started hugging and playing together so I got this cute picture!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. This picture sums up the sweet friendship between my two youngest. They can certainly have a smack down over a toy in a heart beat, but these two adore each other and this picture just makes me smile.

We have a fun but busy week ahead of us. Monday we are heading to Wildeness at the Smokies for some waterpark fun and then later in the week we are heading to Charlottesville. I am ready for a few days out of town and I am also ready to hit a few stores in the outlet mall!!

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