Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrate Good Times!

I have been such a lazy slug this week recovering from our fun and full weekend that I am just now downloading and posting pictures from the birthday party. Both Hope and David enjoyed their party!

Here is the birthday boy enjoying the slide!

Here is the birthday girl!

This one is brave and fearless for sure!

Kyle had a good time too at the party! We set up our water slide and my parents brought their water slide to help keep the kids cool on a super hot day!

When it was time to eat pizza both kiddos wanted to sit with Pops.

I really cannot believe this little one is two already?! She is really such fun these days even though it is becoming evident that she attempts to rule the roost! HA!

Kyle taking a break from the waterslide!!

Here are the cakes-one princess cake and one Buzz and Woody cake! We served pizza, chips, and fruit and then we had two cakes.

Blowing out their candles and making their wishes!

Sweet David. He thoroughly enjoyed his cake and I think he actually had four pieces!! David does not like sweets much at all except for oatmeal creme pies and birthday cake!

This little princess kept licking icing off of her princess cake! She has enjoyed those figurines off of her cake so much.

This girl loved her cake a lot too!

Piece #4 maybe?

Sweet Caroline:)

Hope opening Kennedy's present!

The party was super laid back and I think all the kids had fun. We had to change the date so much due to weather and baseball that I was thankful that we were finally getting to get it done. I love throwing a good party but outdoor parties are stressful when the weather does not cooperate. There were some friends that were unable to come and they were missed, but overall it was a hot but wonderful day to celebrate our little summer birthday babies.

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