Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a Night!

Last night was such fun as we wrapped up Vacation Bible School at church. The children had an hour of VBS and then we went to the town pool for a pool party! It was hot which made for a nice night of swimming.
For some reason Hope wore her dark sunglasses all night at church-we jokingly called her Stevie Wonder! My girl loves her sunglasses for sure! One of the stops last night was dinner and they all got a hot dog dinner:) It was so cute watching those little ones climb up to the table for supper.

I am so thankful that there are lots of sweet sweet girls at church for Hope to grow up with. She is going to need some good "Jesus friends" as she grows up and I love this cute group of girls.

Last night we were all surprised with a baby deer as one of the live animals. Oh my this little baby was so cute and needless to say she was a hit with all the kiddos.

Another total treat for the night was the miniature ponies! Oh my these two were such a hit and the little ones got to ride one! Hope was okay to pose on one but she did not care for how bumpy the ride was.

Kelly and Kristen helped get Hope's glasses off so she could actually see what she was riding! I love it!

Sarah, Olivia, and Hope checking out the baby deer. My youngest was certainly enthralled with all the animals this week at VBS. What a fun, wonderful week!

After we wrapped up VBS, we headed to the town pool for a pool party! My two were so excited and had taken late naps to prepare for a fun night of swimming.

Pure joy!

David jumps in a million times every time we go to a pool. He is getting braver and braver with each visit!

Hope and sweet Sarah swimming together. We have some wonderful friends at church and last night was such a fun night at the pool. We stayed way later than I thought we would but the kiddos just were having fun.

I have loved every minute of VBS this year. The theme has been so wonderful and the kids have been crazy over the songs. Each child got a CD of the VBS songs and we have listened and listened to ours already. I fondly remember VBS growin up in my church and I am so thankful that my children enjoy it too!

Today we are off to have a family day at the lake and then tomorrow we are Carowinds bound!

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