Friday, July 1, 2011

Full Swing

Now that All Stars is now over, our summer is officially in full swing! We loved every minute of our ball playing, but now that it is over, it gives us a chance to head to a water park up the interstate from us. We love RAndolph Park and my parents met us there today! The kids loved it!

My oldest loved the water slide and had fun doing tricks on it!

David is just so silly and he has really become my water bug lately. He loves to jump in and now he can swim (sort of) back to the ladder! He has come soooo far in a year with his swimming.

My parents got there when the park opened to get us a nice, shady spot. Here are my three under the big umbrella!

David swimming!!!! He really wants to use his arms and legs to get him where he wants to go. All the swimming lessons and trips to the pool are finally kicking in and he loves the water!

I love that Kyle will take a break from swimming and sliding to come blow bubbles with Hope in the super shallow water. When he wants to be, he can be a great big brother. His sister certainly adores him.

One of the water buckets dumped above them and I happened to snap at that moment! A huge bucket full of water did not phase these two:)

It was kind of crowded today, so every 45 minutes there was a mandatory pool break which made reapplying the sunscreen easy to remember. My Mom packed us a nice picnic lunch and we had a relaxing and fun day at the water park. I am so thankful that I get to have these little summer day trips with my kiddos.

VBS is still in full swing too! We are all having fun with Hometown Nazareth. I am helping lead the music in the opening and closing each night and it is soooo much fun to hear a roomful of kids singing "Nothing is Impossible With God" at the top of their lungs. I love it.

Hope has acted like a big girl at VBS. Here she is hanging out with Kyle and Bre before the opening. Notice that she HAD to wear her princess dress AGAIN.

Our neighbors, Pam, and Ben have been David's leaders this week and they have certainly spoiled him rotten. He has had a wonderful week thanks to these two:)

I love this sweet picture of Hope showing off one of her treasures to her Daddy. Mike stopped by one night to the market place and Hope had to show off her crafts to him. He is such a good girl Daddy:)

This picture shocks me so much because my baby is letting a GOAT eat out of her hand. Several folks at church commented that she is going to be a farmers wife because she has loved all the live animals this week. This VBS has been so wonderful and the live animals have made it even better.

Here is Hope still feeding that goat with Ms. Theresa. I was so shocked that she did this-she is such a brave, big girl. I have so enjoyed watching her at VBS this week in her little preschool class.

We are so excited about the holiday weekend around here. We have big plans such as a much needed shopping trip tomorrow, the lake with the family on Sunday, and then Monday and Tuesday we are taking a fun overnight trip. I love summer so much :) Enjoy the holiday weekend!!!!

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