Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blessed Momma

Sometimes in life you are blessed with little gifts of precious time. This past weekend I was a super blessed Momma because I got to have a special date with all three of my children separately.

Friday morning Hope and I went with our preschool friends to a special couple's farm from church. They graciously allowed our preschool class to come pick pumpkins from their huge patch! What a beautiful day and such a special field trip for the kids.

My little pumpkin was super excited to go pick a little pumpkin!
My rule was you had to pick one that you could carry and here she is with her find!

I have to admit that I love pumpkins myself:) I love fall and the weather for our trip was perfect-sunny but with a little fall nip in the air:)

Her hair bow fell out and her pants got dirty, but here is my girl enjoying her snack. One of the families from preschool are neighbors with the pumpkins growers, so they had all the class and parents over to their beautiful home for snacks.

What a beautiful setting. Their home reminded me of my old farmhouse in Orange County:)

So after my girl and I had a great Mommy-daughter trip to get pumpkins, I dropped her off with her Daddy so David and I could head to Roanoke with lots of friends to go see Jason Aldean!!!!!

Total in our group was around 13 so here is Mr. David loving all the attention from Jason and the ladies! When we sat down I teared up because I was just so happy for David and thankful for all these amazing people that God has put into David's life. My boy is loved and that made this Momma have tears of joy. Because of Ashley we have met this amazing group of people that LOVE my boy.

David got a little antsy during the opening acts of Thompson Square and Chris Young. They were great and I loved Thompson Square. David just kept asking about ole Jason Aldean! Ha! It was the concert for the cure and I thought her dress was so cute and pink!

Here is diane with David trying to get him closer. This group of ladies and Jason are so much fun and we just had a ball! We ate at Chedder's before the concert and then we did not get home until 1a.m.!

David truly had a ball. We had great seats and it was such a special and fun night:) I know my boy will never forget it and neither will I:)

This picture cracks me up because some nice guy put David on his shoulders when Jason came out on stage! I was truly freaked out because he was trying to sip his beer while my son was on his shoulders. Everyone was so nice to us (except the security guards) but it was so much fun! Here is David cheering his heart out for Jason Aldean!

That place went wild while they waited for this curtain to come up! My son included screamed his head off when he started singing. He sang Big Green Tractor early in the show and we all belted it out! David wanted him to sing She's Country and that was the second to last song he played.

Rock on baby, rock on! I have not been to a non-christian concert in probably 15 years, so this was truly a cultural experience for me. I was shocked that they sold beer at concerts now (They typically don't open the alcohol for Chris Tomlin or Third Day!)and I felt a little old, but we all had a TOTAL BALL! Special memories for sure:) When we got home I realized that David's tennis shoes smelled of stale beer so we have washed them thoroughly so he does not smell like stale beer for first grade tomorrow! Ha! I am so thankful for Ashley and all the special people with us that helped this Momma and Son have an awesome night!

Saturday morning we slept in a little and then Saturday afternoon I headed to Blacksburg with my oldest for a night Hokie game in Lane Stadium. Unfortunately the Hokies did not play well and lost to Clemson, but we still had fun cheering our team on. Special one-on-one dates like this do not happen often so I am so appreciative of Mike keeping the other two so I could have this opportunity to spend special time with each of my children. Today we have rested up from the last two weeks of Disney craziness, concert, and Tech game. It will be an early lights out around here tonight!

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