Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Recipe and Confession

Pardon me for forgetting to post another freezer meal recipe yesterday.  Yesterday was rough.  Like losing my cool in front of my children rough.  Like so stressed out about David starting school that I collapsed under fear and anxiety kind of rough. 

Then last night I prayed like I have never prayed before.  As a way to minimize the fear of sending David to school I walked through the last eight months of our life and thanked God for all that he has gotten us through since just November.  Surely if he could carry us when we heard words like stage four cancer, oncologist, radiation, and surgery, he can certainly be with our sweet angel as he goes to school tomorrow. 

I will also admit that I am seeing the Ordinary Women conference all over facebook and I had a few moments of self doubt when so many have so sweetly said they cannot wait to hear me speak.  I have promised God that he has been so faithful to us that I will forever be faithful to him through this blog and with my mouth.  I just feel more capable behind the security of a computer:) The blog is my confort zone and not a sanctuary full of women.  But once again I know that our God is not going to put us somewhere and NOT be with us. 

So today I awake with a new attitude.  It is a an attitude of thanksgiving.  Instead of stressing that David is "not ready" to head back to school I should just be thankful that he survived chemo and that he is still with us.  I am thankful for all of his sweet friends in his class and for his fun and sweet team working with him.  He is going to a beautiful, new, modern classroom and he will have a great year.  His new teachers even had Rocky Duke waiting for him in his seat. 

So today this Momma is choosing to be thankful for the three angels that call me Mom and for a God that is ever present-even when control freak Momma is stressing and worrying. 

As promised I will close with another fabulous freezer meal!

Pizza Casserole

a bag of egg noodles
1 extra large jar of spaghetti sauce
3 cups of shredded mozarella cheese
1.5 lbs of hamburger meat
1 package of pepperoni

Brown meat and drain. 
Boil noddles until soft and drain.
Spread a thin layer of spaghetti sauce on the bottom of pan to cover.
next place half of noodles on top of spaghetti sauce.
next place half of the meat
next half of spaghetti sauce
next place rest of the noodles on top
next place half of the cheese
rest of the meat
rest of the sauce
rest of the cheese
place pepperoni on top. 

Cover with foil and freeze.

label on foil: Thaw, Vake covered for 30 min. in 350 degree oven.  After thirty minutes remove the foil and bake for another 15 minutes until heated thoroughly.  enjoy! 

Kyle and Mike loved this dish.  This was a dish that all five of us ate and I added a salad to get in a few veggies.  Easy family pleaser meal!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us blog readers. I'm a comfort typer on my blog, too. It's so easy to share your feelings and deepest thoughts when slightly guarded behind the solitary glare of the computer screen, but I'm absolutely positive you'll do a phenomenal job at the conference. I have never met you in person but wish that I could join all those other fabulous ladies to hear you speak from your heart. That's really all that matters. :) They just want to hear your heart and you have an amazing story to share.

    Your confession about fearing for David to go back to school is also perfectly timed for me. My son, Will, is three months old and has a rare syndrome that affects his chest cavity. There are doubts about whether his chest will grow enough to accommodate his lungs and heart. Any cold or illness puts him at risk. His 2 year old sister is getting ready to head out the door to preschool in a few weeks and I'm mortified. BUT, like you, I know God has seen us through so much. Will wasn't even supposed to survive birth, but he has. He's our miracle boy and God has seen him overcome all the odds so far. I have to remain faithful and understanding of God's plan for our son. So, anyway, thank you for sharing your confession and now you have seen mine, too. :) My prayers and thoughts continue to be with your sweet family as all of you get ready for the school year!

    Mary from

  2. Laura, thanks for posting these recipes. I do have a question though. Do the baking instructions change if one going to bake immediately instead of freezing them?

    I am so happy you had a couple of fun but hectic "normal" days. Also, thank you so much for your honest testimony particularly regarding the latest one on your fears.

    Bless you and your sweet little family!

  3. No the baking directions are exact same and will probably cook a little ahead of schedule because it is warm:) Let me know if you like this one!

  4. Laura. Maybe you can approach you speaking engagement as a blog entry. If I can think of any different ways you can do it I'll message you! Live, peace and prayers. Kenny Wilson