Thursday, August 9, 2012

Phone Dump, Playdate, and Cooking

Today has been a great day.  After yesterday, we pretty much could only go uphill.  My relapse nightmare is still rolling around my brain, but we have been blessed with some fun.

Last night I met four other friends with bags of groceries and we got our cook on!  Instead of having a traditional girls night to eat or to a movie, we got together and made freezer meals.  After three hours of cooking each Mommy came home with five freezer meals to help when life gets crazy with the start of school.  We worked hard in a hot kitchen but it was fun and sooo worth it!  We all learned something from each other and it was really a  fun night of girltime for me.  As a bonus I got to have a quick meal before with one of my dear friends/neighbors and it was great. 
Today I dumped some pictures off of my phone and I belly laughed when I saw this one
This is David as Peter Pan!  I had totally forgotten that one night while we were last in Cville for chemo, he and Mike worked really hard to get this picture.  Hilarious!!
The kids have been on the waterslide more than they have been inside since they got it.  They love it!! Hope had her bathing suit on by 8:30 this morning ready to slide. 
Tonight Hope and DAvid were excited to have Garrett and Grady Dimit over to play on the waterslide, but the weather did not cooperate for water fun so we met them at McDonald's for icecream and playtime. 
Hope noticed an ambulance pull into the parking lot and sure enough two of the sweet ladies that delivered the slide were enjoying some dinner at McDonalds too.  They were so gracious and sweet and let our kids climb in the ambulance and ask a million questions.  We realized that this was the very ambulance that drove us back in November and my heart dropped when I saw the inside.  Then I remembered how far God has brought us since that scary night and I was so thankful:)

Little Grady (who will be in preschool with Hope) enjoyed playing patient on the stretcher!!

These ladies were so generous and even let David "drive" his ambulance.  We created quite a stir in the McDonald's parking lot with the lights going and all of us standing around that ambulance! 

We are excited for a fun weekend!  I get a girls night out to head to a christian concert Saturday night, and we have lots of parties and fun to pack in before the school doors open next Thursday.  We are so thankful that David's energy level seems to be getting better and better each day:)

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  1. You have lovely and lively kids there. I can just imagine the excitement that they had from the slide to McDonald's and then to the ambulance experience. Terrific day, I suppose.