Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

Today despite the drama, tears, and fears from Momma, today was a great first day of school in our household!  David made it all day and his teacher was thoughtful enough to text me about mid-morning to say that there were a few tears but he was doing great!  That text was such a blessing to a Momma that was trying hard not to worry:)

Here are our sweet three this morning before the big day!  It was 56 degrees when I took them this morning and David and Hope were chilly enough and wanted coats.  Here is the first day of school picture from last year-I miss that red hair but I am so thankful that our boy is doing so well.
Here is my big tall 5th grader.  The other day we went to the doctor for his yearly physical and since February he has grown three inches and put on 10 pounds.  I believe it-he is such a big eater these days!
Our sweet, strong second grader!!!!  What a joy to take this child to school knowing he is strong and that his planned treatments are over.  I got up a little after five this morning to pray for my kiddos, my teacher friends, and the teams that will be teaching my children this year. 
 The kids and I belly laughed when we pulled up to David's "new" school and saw Mike outside directing traffic, getting kids out of cars, and helping out in his swanky yellow traffic vest.  Here is Mr. Little getting David out of the car!!

Miss Hope and I spent the morning in our preschool rooms and then we snuck in a quick swim at Hungry Mother for some girl time.  I love this picture of our diva!! She missed her brothers today and it was a happy reunion when we picked them up.

Miss Hope also insisted to get her picture taken this morning even though her first day of preschool is not until after Labor Day:)  She is ready for preschool to start with her "fwiends"

Despite Momma's fears, the first day went very well for the boys!! 

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