Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Belly laughs, Friends, and Another Recipe

Mike and I are trying to stay peaceful about the upcoming scan.  I can tell that it is front and center on both of our minds.  The last two nights I have had terrible cancer related nightmares.  I will not go into detail, but I woke up gasping and crying.  Cancer is not for sissies!

Today; however, God blessed us with a wonderful day at Hungry Mother with some preschool friends.  The weather was perfect and cool, and it was a playdate that was relaxing and fun.  The kids played well together and the Mommies got to chat and laugh.  One mommy told the funniest story and I am sure we woke up the fish in the lake laughing.  A good belly laugh with friends is so good for the soul.  Ladies, you have no idea how much I appreciated today-you  made me laugh in a week where I could really use some humor! 

Miss Hope is so ready for preschool and she enjoyed playing with some of her classmates today. 
Here we were at this beautiful playground and they just wanted to play in the dirt!  Check out my prissy girl that dug with a stick so her hands would not get dirty:)

This picture has such a story, but here is sweet Hope and Brady.  We watched as he led her into the woods.  I asked if we should be concerned at three that they want to go off into the woods together and his Momma said this is payback for all the years that my son has tried to hug and kiss their daughter:)  What goes around comes around-ha!

We hit a huge milestone today where the kids sat at one table and we sat beside them at another table!!!  This is huge and we were able to eat and chat.  The kids actually behaved  and ate their plates. 
Speaking of plates, here is a picture of Hope's meal tonight with one of our freezer meals-Quesadilla Casserole!!  It was yummo and I think I hear Mike warming up some more as a late night snack as I am writing this.  I will put the recipe at the bottom of this post. 

Tonight Jason stopped by to see David. David's hair is really coming in a light blonde, so I asked Jason to use my camera and snap a picture of my boys.  This is what he got!! If you look really closely you can see some BLONDE peach fuzz.  He has to return as a redhead, because he has a cool new shirt that says redheads rock from his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Pam. 

Here is David giving Jason a belly bump.  A belly bump is David's new greeting:)

We are leaving tomorrow night for UVA.  GG and Pops will be here to hold down the fort.  We covet your prayers and just know we will update the blog as we get any news.  It will be a brutal morning because he will endure some pokes for an IV, an echocardiogram which he usually fights at first and then settles down and dreaded blood work.  I am so thankful that Mike and I are going together. On a fun positive note, David's make-a-wish interview is coming up this weekend!!  We cannot wait to see what DAvid says his ultimate wish is going to be!!! 

Quesadilla Casserole


1 lb of ground beef
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp oregano
16 oz. tomato sauce
1 can corn
6 flour tortillas
2 cups of shredded cheese

Brown beef and onion in a large skillet.  Add tomato sauce, corn and mix well.  Stir in all the spices and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer on medium for five minutes.

spread 1/2 cup of the beef mixture on bottom of 9 x 13 pan (sprayed with Pam).  Top with three of the tortillas overlapping as needed.  Layer with 1/2 of the remaining beef mixture and 1/2 of the cheese.  Repeat with the remaining tortillas, beef, and cheese. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until heated through.  Enjoy!  The adults loved this one, Kyle and Hope ate it okay and David said yuck without even trying it! 

I froze this meal before baking.  I thawed it out today and cooked it tonight.  I am ready for another cooking night because these freezer meals have been such a lifesaver. 

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