Saturday, August 18, 2012


Mr. David has had two great days at school this week!  We are so thankful for his team that have kept us in the loop and been so encouraging with him.   We have both been praying so hard for David going back into school and once again we see God's handiwork all over David. 

We are both at peace about the first post-chemo scan coming up this week.  I asked Mike this morning if he was nervous and he said "not really-it is what it is."  We pray for clean scans but we also know that if they are not, then God has a plan.  We are witnessing first hand the "peace that passes all understanding" that only can come from God. 

Yesterday I headed to Rural Retreat to try out the new teacher supply store.  It is called Main Street Supply right on the main drag in Rural Retreat and it is awesome!!  We got preschool goodies for the classrooms and she is well stocked to help teachers get ready for the year.  The sweet owner, sent David some goodies back when he was diagnosed and I was so thankful tofinally  get to meet her.  Sadly, cancer has touched her life as well, because she lost her husband (age 48) to cancer a few years ago.  Teachers, Sunday school teachers, homeschoolers, parents, etc... head over there and support this great business!  

Last night (I told you this post was random) Mike took Hope and David to a local football game.  Kyle was too tired from swimming to go, so he and I stayed home and watched the movie, My Sister's Keeper.  It was so painful in a beautiful way.  I was annoyed that the book ending differed from the movie, but what a sweet Momma/son moment to watch a movie that in some ways has mirrored our own life.

I asked Kyle if he thought that cancer has stressed our family out and he said "uh yeah Mom."  He said he liked staying with friends, but he was always worried about David and missed us when we were gone.  He also asked if David was going to relapse like that girl in the movie, and I honestly answered "I don't know-we certainly pray no."

That movie brought back so many memories of the nightmare.  I know this sounds strange but this cool weather also brings back memories for me.  These cool mornings remind me of the mornings where I walked from the Ronald McDonald house to the hospital early for David's radiation.  Sometimes I get so sad thinking of all the trauma that sweet Rock Star has been through and then I remember that instead we should be thankful for the horrors that God walked us through.  This last year we have all been walking testimonies of God's love and faithfulness. 

I must then share about God's love, mercy , and faithfulness when given the opportunity.  I have been provided an opportunity with the Ordinary Women's Conference coming up here locally at Marion Baptist Church on September 22nd.  I am one of the speakers for the day and I am honored to get to brag on our God that day (even if I picture a sanctuary full of women and get weak-kneed).   It is going to be  a great and encouraging day!  Early -bird registration ends August 31 to hurry and get signed up.  Check out the Ordinary Women's page on facebook. 

We are spending this weekend nesting and catching up around the house. We love spending Saturdays cleaning piles, cleaning, and cooking.  I know that sounds so weird because we used to be on the go so much, but for this season of our life we are enjoying HOME. 

We do covet your prayers for the scan Thursday morning at 7 am.  We have so enjoyed watching David regain strength and stamina from the last chemo and we cant wait to see what the scales say:)  Not only will he get a scan, but he will also get an echocardiogram to check his heart to see if the paracardial effusion (fluid) is gone from his heart.   The scan is at 7 (with sedation) and then echo is at 9:30 followed by check-up at clinic.  We look forward to seeing clinic staff, but we dread David having to get an IV since his central lines are all gone. 

Sorry for the rambling post, but I have lots swirling around my brain today:)  Happy Weekend!

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