Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Picture Dump

This weekend has been fun with several parties and family time.  David is feeling great and I am trying not to feel too anxious about sending him to school:) His energy level has really improved this week!  Both boys have great teachers lined up for this year and they each have several buddies in their class. 
These pictures are totally out of order, but this morning we amazingly got ready a few minutes before church so I grabbed my camera.  David wanted to model his new Swamp People hat that says "choot em choot 'em" that he loves!!  To my relief the paperwork from Made-A-Wish says that the wish cannot involved firearms or anything that will cause bodily harm, so thankfully swamp people is out for his wish!!!

Our sweet three this morning before church. 
Yesterday Hope went to the sweetest little birthday party for one of her preschool/church friends.  It was such a sweet little girl time!  She is sooo excited to reunite with her preschool friends this upcoming year. 

Hope and sweet Macy enjoying their cupcakes and strawberries. 
The kiddos have also enjoyed some MORE watersliding fun.  They have enjoyed this thing so much this week.  Hope is a brave, crazy girl on it! 
Kyle has really loved the waterslide too! They get their water guns out and play police on it.  I know with school starting this week, my kiddos are going to miss each other so much. 
Friday evening David and Hope had a playdate with Brooklyn.  She is such a sweetie and my kiddos love her. They played on the waterslide and then the weather forced them inside to play. 

Another sweet picture of our three.  We have noticed that David has had a growth spurt in the last few weeks.  He is taller but now he looks skinnier to us:) We are so thankful for the blonde peach fuzz, for his increased appetite and energy level, and for the awesome teams that our children will have this year in the classroom. 

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