Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Splish, Splash!

Now that David is central line free he is able to enjoy some water fun!!  Today my kiddos got a wonderful surprise!
About 11:15 this morning I told them to get into their bathing suits because a surprise was coming!  David did his signature (but so inappropriate "holy crap") and they got dressed.

This is what they were waiting for!!!  Smyth County Ambulance Company was the ambulance that took us to UVA back in November. Stephanie and Dennis (to the right of DAvid) were the awesome souls that drove that long drive.  This amazing company purchased this super fun water slide for our kiddos to enjoy!! 
The group assembled that slide in just a few minutes and off they were sliding!!  This little lady was shy and did not get on until the group left:)  They have been on it for over three hours now!!!
David "helped" them fix it and they got a little wet with wild man operatin the hose!!! 
These two were soooo excited!!!
This picture sums the whole surprise up!!!  He was so excited and keep stretching at the top of the slide and saying "yeah baby"

Today my boy was surprised and blessed because of the generosity of a group of amazing people!  Not only did they love on us and help us through a rough night many months ago, but today we got to interact with them in a much more fun environment!!  Thank you all so much!!!!! 

In other news, David's scan was moved until Auust 23rd!!!!!  So now he does not have to miss the first day of school:)  They opted to use the sedation team instead of my brillant idea of Benadryl but the date was moved!! 

The Ordinary Women event is coming up here soon-September 22nd!  I am so excited to be one of the speakers for the day.  Speaking is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I have promised God that I will be faithful to him and share how He has provided for us during the nightmare.  I cannot promise that I will not cry (or throw up) when I speak, but I am looking forward to a fun local women's conference next month. 

Off to watch more splish splash fun on the water slide! 

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  1. I love how happy David looks! It is awesome that the crew did that for you guys.