Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Catchup

I love that we have been so busy enjoying some summer fun that I am behind on my blogging!!  That is a great problem to have:) Here are some pictures from the last week.

Here is David with Dr. B our oncologist.  The practice has four oncologist total, and he is our "new" one because Dr. A left.  We love all four of them and we know that though we wil miss Dr. A, Dr. B and David have a sweet little bond.  Dr. B has twin boys that showed up to the dance marathon in bow ties and I think that is when the bond was formed!  David found two other cool dudes who love to rock the shirt and tie combo!  Ha!
Prepping for last chemo in his Sexy and I Know it shirt!!!
Nurse Bobby  infusing his last planned chemo!!!  As you can see david was too busy playing Ipad to notice! 

Yesterday, we snuck out to Hungry Mother for a little while to let David...
I love this picture because this is when he first got in and he looked at me like "really Mom?!  How exciting!!!!
My sweet three swimming it up!!!
Hope said to David on the way to the lake "Dave now dat you got yo PICC out, you can swim on yo awigator!"
This picture make me belly laugh because Hope and David are obsessed with the  synchronized diving in the Olympics and here they are practicing their moves!!  Rio 2016 maybe?!

It was a wonderful day in the sun! This Momma was so thankful to enjoy some outside sunshine and watch her babies romp in the water.  We ran into some dear friends (Hi Chrystle and Abigail!) and Hope had such fun playing with them.  The day in the great outdoors was not over, but I will save part 2 for another blog post!  Momma has to run-a jet ski and boat are calling my David's name today!!  Off to Claytor Lake for another fun day! 

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