Friday, September 21, 2012

Doctor Called

So today during preschool my phone rang with a UVA number.  My stomach dropped when I heard the doctor on the other end.  Usually if it is quick call to say labs look great one of the nurse practicioners call with the good news.  In this world if the doctor calls it means a conversation needs to take place.

David's labs look great except for his Creatinine and BUN.  Both of those are kidney indicators and it is a slight bit concerning that his is creeping up when the school and us have been diiligent about getting his 50 ounces in each day.  Sigh.

She quizzed me about his fluid intake and then contacted the kidney doctor.  Dr. D. then called me back and said as a precaution, the kidney doctor wants to see us within the next two to three weeks.  I asked her if she was worried and she said no but this is why we watch solo kidney kids well.  Sigh.

So we should be getting an appointment letter in the mail early next week with an appointment to talk with the kidney doctor.  This also may affect his November scans because the contrast dye is hard on the kidneys and they may switch to an MRI.  

I am trying not to worry but we have been DILLIGENT about his fluid intake and David does not drink caffeinated beverages at all.  So please add David's kidney to your prayer list:(  sigh.


  1. The doctors will also start talking to you about his GFR. It is another blood value that tells kidney function. If David's GFR is not >60 and his creatinine is elevated he can not safely have the MRI contrast but there are other contrast they can use in CT. Don't worry or give a second thought to those scans it will be fine I do these types of scans all the time they will be able to get the recheck images ;)
    It was great seeing you guys at church, hope to see you again when you come home to visit your Mom and Dad! Prayers for your whole beautiful family especially your little Angel Rock Star!
    Take care:)

  2. David is a fighter! Try to remember that too. It seems like we get up and then get kicked down again. I hate that ANYONE has health problems. My heart aches for cancer patients. Again, I know that pain of a loved one with it. Now my aunt has cancer. Lung cancer stage 4 and she can't take Chemo, she is too weak. Pray for her when u have a free minute. Her name is Brenda. thanks

  3. Dear Precious Family-We are praying for your need and sending you love. Your steady faith continues to amaze us!

  4. Ditto, what Anonymous said to "Dear Precious Family--I don't know your family personally but hardly a day goes by that I don't think and pray for you all.