Thursday, September 20, 2012

UVA News

The great news is that David and I made it to UVA safe and sound.  We had a crazy morning getting off and then the car started acting funny on the way down.  Thank goodness for  Rick Woodson Honda dealership in Roanoke who took a few minutes to check my car out! 

All was well and then we stopped and got David some McDonalds and the poor sales girl was so consumed with chatting with her coworker behind her about her cell phone that she dropped my $20 and it flew away.  She said "honey you better go get that if you want this food."  Oh the restrain that I showed when I gracefully hopped out of my SUV and chased floating money through a busy parking lot.  God's grace kept my mouth shut!!

Finally we made it to UVA three minutes early.  We had to wait for a bit before a room opened up (sadly they are so full there).  Finally we hit the triage room and sadly his weight was only 52 today.  Last month it was 56 so we are thinking that last months weight was not right.  It kind of hurt my heart, but his blood pressure was excellent!

The doctor came and met with us and she thought he looked great!  David was worn out by this point and dreading the upcoming lab draw so he was not exactly the best patient.  He was quite a stinker, but I will take a strong-willed turkey over a little boy too sick to make a sound!  Cancer does give you perspective. 

They did draw labs which was high drama.  The finger prick did not work at all so they had to draw it out of his arm which was a very dramatic scene and it hurt my heart.  We will know the labs results tomorrow.  The big one they are watching is his Creatinine to test kidney function.  His doctor thinks it is a good idea to start being followed by a kidney doctor to keep check on his solo kidney now.  There is possibly a medicine that we can start him on to help preserve his kidney that we will think about at the next visit. 

Sadly I love visiting the staff at clinic, but I always leave there feeling so sad.  There are SO MANY children there receiving treatment and sadly there were new faces today.  I am so thankful that we are in the post-chemo phase, but I seem to be able to cling to God's peace about relapse away from there.  Going back to clinic makes it all seem so real and scary again. 

So we are worn out and ready for bed.  THANK you so much for all the amazingly kind fb messages, emails, and texts today.  I was not able to respond to all because I was driving, but every one of them boosted me today when I was emotional and tired.  David did rock his new Spiderman Stand Up to Cancer shirt from Kilby today and it was a hit with all the staff. 

Thank you for all your love and prayers and I will update tomorrow hopefully with great news from his labs.  Good night from sleepy Momma and Rock star!

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  1. Wow. Can't believe that cashier!!!