Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend has been wonderful!!  It started Friday night at a local football game where David got to see lots of friends.  He is feeling great and we are so thankful for his energy level and his new hair coming in.  We have our next appointment with UVA on September 20th, which is only for a checkup and not a scan. 

Yesterday we were blessed to get to go to the Hokie game!!!  My Dad has two tickets this year and can only take one grandchild at a time, but yesterday thanks to Uncle Gary David and I were able to go too!!!  There was not one fan in that stadium more excited than David.  The kid goes crazy and cheers every cheer and watches every play. 
We got there early so the boys went to the fence and watched warmups. 
Uncle Gary, his son Adam, and Pops were able to go on the field before the game during warmups.  My boys were soooo excited to see them walk out of the tunnel.  It was super exciting and they were worried that Pops was going to get hit by one of the players.  Pops and his brother Gary look so much alike that I really had to look closely to see who was who. 
David was so stubborn enthralled with his surroundings that he WOULD NOT pose for a picture, but Kyle did:) It was white day at the stadium so we dug out our white Hokie clothes. 
Kyle tried so hard to entice David to turn around but the boy was too excited for boring pictures when there are football players to spot!
David was still not thrilled with a photo op, but here is Pops with Kyle and David.  Kyle and I sat in different seats than Pops and DAvid but we still had fun. The weather cooperated until halftime when nasty storms and rain blew in.  We did not stay the whole time because the boys (and their Momma) do not like storms.  Thanks Uncle Gary for a fun Saturday!

Today is grandparents day.  I am so thankful for the grandparents in my children's lives but today I am thankful for my grandparents.  Both of my grandfathers have passed away, but growing up I was so blessed with all four grandparents active and involved in my life.  My Dad's parents lived around the block from us and their freezer was always stocked with Klondike bars and their candy drawer was always full of treasures.  They doted on us and bought us the extras that my parents would say no to.  I remember one night shopping at Hill's in Christiansburg and my Mom was willing to buy me a barbie.  I just COULD NOT decide which one to get and my Memaw grabbed the one I reluctantly put back and said "oh she is a sweet girl she needs them both." They were always right around the block and I loved that.  I am thankful my Memaw is  still livin in her home, but I wish she felt better today.

My Mom's parents, (Mimi and PawPaw) were the adventerous ones that lived at the lake during the summer and Florida during the winter after they retired.  My Pawpaw passed away two years ago from COPD and my heart still drops everytime I go up to the lake and he is not there.  They were young and playful grandparents and we saw them every Sunday at church and several times during the week. 

Grandparents are a special blessing and I cannot wait to see both of my Pawpaws in heaven one day.  I am blessed that both of my grandmothers are still here and they have a relationship with my children.  Hope and Mimi have a special little bond because she helped out this winter when we were at UVA.   I am thankful that both of my grandparents were close and active in our lives.  Happy Grandparents Day!!!

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