Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Fun

Yesterday was just glorious!  The weather was perfect-sunny but not too hot and it was not crowded at all at Dollywood.  We left early to get a full day of fun in!

When I was downloading pictures I stumbled across this cute picture of Hope reading her own bible.  She opens it up and "reads" that Jesus died on the cross and after "fwee" days he rose again.  It was very cute:)
These two had a ball at Dollywood.  Hope has not been since she was a little over a year old, so she had fun doing big girl things! She and David loved that playground!
To help move around quicker and to help with fatigue we rented  a double stroller. 
Amazingly a local girl scout troop was also visiting Dollywood and David was so excited to see all his girl scout friends!  He posed them all for a picture.  Later in the day we caught up with them again and rode several rides with them.  It was super cool to see friends there!
This sweet lady that works at Dollywood helped David win a ball!  Kyle used some of his money to shoot this ball into the hoop and he had already won a ball.  David desperately wanted to try to win one too, but he is just not strong enough.  The sweet lady had David hop over the counter and she let him shoot from there!! HE WON!!
Posing with their balls they won!  Kyle was very disappointed in David for getting a UT ball, but we have lots of UT friends.  Yesterday was not a great football day for UT or our beloved Hokies, but we will just not talk about that.
Amazingly David is finally tall enough (including his peach fuzz) to drive the bumper cars by himself!  We were a little nervous but the boy rocked it.  He loved it and later in the day we all rode with our girl scout friends. 
Here is our friend, Mike Acuff who works with the eagles at Dollywood.  He does the Eagle show there and my kids love it!  We have always loved the eagles at Dollywood, but now after David's very special Challenger visit back in the winter, the kids are even more into eagles.

This little princess loved every minute of Dollywood.  She drove the cars, she loved the ducks, piggies, and bees, and just had a great time with her best friend, Dave.  They were all worn out from all the sun and fun we had. 

Yesterday driving home I just had to smile.  Back in June when David was soooo sick, I could not even let myself think about fun family days like this because it hurt too much.  It would break my heart that we would all be stuck in a hospital room to be together instead of having carefree fun like yesterday.  Cancer certainly stinks, but it has given me an appreciation for days like this that we used to take for granted.  Happy Weekend!

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  1. Kyle definitely has the right ball!!
    Roz Simpson