Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The past few days have been high excitement around here.  I try to be careful about posting family whereabouts here on the blog, but last Wednesday Mike took Hope and Kyle to  Shreveport with him to visit his family and help move his Dad from an apartment to an assisted living center.  It was certainly time and God worked it out that he was willing finally to make that move.

I was proud of Mike for taking a newly potty-trained little girl with him on such a big trip, but they all did great!!!  It killed me when they pulled out, but Daddys and little girls need time together to build their own memories and form their special little Daddy/daughter bond.  Hope and I are blessed with so much time together and I am thankful that Mike is the kind of Daddy that is willing to do whatever to spend time with his kids-even stopping every 10 minutes to potty for his favorite girl. 

The other exciting news around here was that TODAY was Hope's first day of preschool.  I know she has been there with me for over a year now, but it is a big deal when your baby is old enough to finally be on the roster.  She was soooo excited!!
She shockingly was a little shy with her new friends, but oh so soon she will warm up.  She insisted on "lil piggy tails" for her hair today and her new red dress. 
Can you see her in the middle of the pack lined up for the playground??  Oh these sweet angels-we really had an awesome first day!!  Below is a picture of her this time last year.  Look how short her hair was!!!!!  Time just needs to slow down.  I also got emotional thinking that the last time life was normal (before cancer) was preschool.  I got the call from David's school nurse one day at preschool that ended us up at the ER which then ended us up at UVA with a cancer diagnosis. 
Big preschool girl was sooo excited this morning and willingly posed for a picture.
Then she insisted that David be in the picture too!  Since Hope was in a "church dress" David wanted to wear a shirt and tie today to look like  Jeff and Daddy. 

On the big trip to Shreveport Hope and Kyle both had fun catching up with their cousins and seeing Mike's Dad, Opa.  Pam was sweet enough to text me pictures throughout the trip and she texted me this funny face one!

Here is Mike's Dad, Opa, with 5/6 of his grandchildren.  Andrew is a sophomore in high school, Christopher is in 7th grade, Kevin is in second grade, and this picture needs DAvid to be complete. 
These pictures are totally out of order, but the other exciting development is that ASHLEY AND MATT got enaged this weekend!!!!!!  We are so excited for Ashley who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  We are thrilled for them to start their life together and may the Lord bless them today and always. 
These pictures are totally out of order, but here is a picture of Mike's brother, Daniel with his three boys and our two.  Mike enjoyed time with his family and visitng with them is truly precious time.  They have three active boys and are busy just like we are.  We try to carve out time each year when our schedules allow to spend time together, but this is the first trip that Hope has made.  I am so proud of her for traveling so well!!!
That is all the excitement that I can share for today!!! 

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