Sunday, September 2, 2012

Living Large!

David has had a wonderful weekend full of friends, family and last minute summer fun.  He is blessedly feeling so great that he has gotten to enjoy lots of fun this holiday weekend.

Friday night he was invited to a birthday party for some sweet twins that we know and love.  It was at a "jumpie" place here locally and David had a ball!  It was hot and it was after a long school week and he still had the time of his life with lots of good energy.
One of his friends, Jay from church/community was there and he drug him on the jumpies to play.  Jay is such a sweet soul. 
Saturday he hit the lake for some water fun.  David looks so cute with his fishing hat on. 
This is how David feels about being outside at the lake-he is so excited!!!!

He got to jet ski with Pops
and he even was brave enough to tube by himself!!!!  We cheered so loudly for him because he has never been brave enough to do it!!
He even gave us this signal to go FASTER!!!!!!!!!
Saturday night we were suppose to head out to a family cookout but the storm/rain made us move the picnic inside.  David was fine with that and he "performed" David's Crowder Band's How He Loves us for the family. 
Alden, Abram, Abie, and David! 
It was really a fun family weekend full of good food, family time, and sunshine.  David was so sick in June that he missed lots of summer fun, so this weekend we helped him catch up on some fun, family and friends.  Happy Labor Day!

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