Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heading down the Road

Tomorrow sweet Rock Star and I will head down the road for a checkup.  I know I should not be nervous, but the thought of pulling into that blasted parking garage at UVA makes my heart flutter.  I am excited to see all the wonderful staff, but that place has such sad memories for me. 

We think he will get labs drawn which will be no fun without a central line:(  He will get his monthly Bactrum orally or Pentamidine via IV.  He hates oral meds, but we may force it down to avoid an IV.  The longer we are home in "normal life" the harder it is to go back. 

I am super excited about the Ordinary Women Conference this Saturday.  I wrote my speech about a month ago and this weekend I reread it and trashed it.  It was really bad.  So Monday night I locked myself in the basement and wrote and wrote and wrote.  Writing about his diagnosis hurt my heart so much that I sobbed.  It is so emotional to go back to that place, but that story is woven with God's unfailing love and promises.  It hurts so much to go back to last November, but for God to be glorified His power, peace, love and might must be shared.

Please pray this his checkup tomorrow is uneventful and boring.  Mike sadly cannot go with us now so David and I will be flying solo.  I will update tomorrow after we meet with his oncolgoist.  Please pray for boring and uneventful and that David blows them away on the scales!!!  We are excited to see what he officially weighs now because he certainly has had a growth spurt!!

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