Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back to Reality

After  really smooth return flights home today we are back home in Virginia.  I am not going to lie, it was very hard leaving paradise.  Mike sent me and the boys to check out this morning at Give Kids the World.  He probably should have done it because when he caught up to us I was wiping away big tears. 

How do you properly say thank you to a place that has literally blessed us with this magical week?  It did not help at checkout that I was handed a DVD with 168 pictures of us on it, an official group picture already printed from our visit with Mickey, and an invitation to return anytime to visit. 

At checkout I was also handed a packet with an offer for a free scrapbook by a local Crops of Love group!  Can you believe that? If we will send them our pictures, they will make us a scrapbook (handmade with love) for free.  I started crying then and then when the guy handed our family a passport that we could use for up to a year at a huge list of attractions for free I totally lost it.   Over the next year, because of this passport we will be able to enjoy places like Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens for free! 

Upon returning to Tri Cities airport there was yet again a limo to pick us up.  The kids were so excited to ride in the limo in daylight!
They were so tired in that limo....
That this picture sums up how we all feel.  Blessed but very tired.  The alarm is going to be brutal in the morning but I am looking forward to returning to preschool just in time for halloween parties!  We also will celebrate Halloween tomorrow night in the neighborhood with friends. 
David helped the limo driver find our house!  Ha!  Good night from Virginia.  This Momma is blessed, thankful but ready for my bed!

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  1. Your story has really touched my heart! We are off on our wish trip next week to Give Kids the World. Like you, I have three children. Two Boys (8 and 6) and a girl (5). My oldest -our wish child- has Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and my younger son has Down syndrome. I hope you recover from your wonderful trip, and your family will be in my prayers!