Monday, October 28, 2013

Disney Day Five!

Disney day five had my eyes misting a few times over the sweetness of it all.  I am also sad to think that our time here is coming to an end soon.  Thankfully we have a wonderful life to return to or I would be in serious mourning. 

Our morning started off on a wonderful note!  Monday  mornings Mickey and his friends from the Disney parks visit Give Kids the World.  As a family we are blessed with plenty of time with Mickey, a volunteer that takes over my camera, and then upon checkout we will get the official pictures from the Give Kids The World volunteer photographer.  They do everything to make sure that the entire family is in EVERY picture.  That alone makes my eyes mist a little:)
Kyle is not to big for a picture with Mickey!!  We got family pictures, each child got an individual picture, and then we got a big group picture! 
After Mickey we headed down to the Castle of Miracles for meet and greet with Goofy!  David was so excited because he loves him so.  He loves him so much that he was a ham with him and they posed several different ways.  We also ran into Mary Poppins outside of the castle. It was so special and sweet that characters come here so wish kids do not have to waste precious time at the parks to see characters. 
Another family picture!  Hope was so proud of herself for taking pictures with the characters.  She did not want her individual picture with them but we are so proud of her for being in the family picture!
Hope has been in true heaven here at Disney!  There is a tradition here at the village to get Mickey to autograph the stuffed Mickey that the wish kid gets upon check in.  Hope kept us on task to get that done this morning:)
By 10:00 a.m. we had done two character meet and greets here in the village and had a huge and awesome breakfast buffet here in the village.  Then we headed to Animal Kingdom!  The first stop on our itinerary was the Safari.  It is truly remarkable and we saw so many great animals. 
Then we headed to the Festival of the Lion King show.  This is when my eyes misted again.  When David was first diagnosed he was obsessed with the Lion King because we had just gotten back from Disney where we watched this show.  I remember distracting him with the Lion King movie while we talked with oncologist and surgeons.  During the finale today when that woman with that gorgeous voice sang Circle of Life I was a little overcome with thanksgiving.  David of course sang every song and loved every moment!
If you are ever at Animal Kingdom make sure to watch that show.  WOW!
Big Boy David rode Everest at Animal Kingdom!  I am not sure he will do it again, but we are so proud of him for trying:)
Here ia another moment where my eyes misted a little.  This amazing staff member at Epcot came u p to David and started chatting with him.  She then handed him an official autograph book that you can buy around here and asked him to sign it.  She said that wish kids are the true heroes and sure enough she had a book full of wish kids signatures.  Can you believe that? 
Tonight was suppose to be the Halloween party, but because the true Halloween is on Thursday, they switched the Christmas party to tonight.  So my kids got to have another Christmas party! 
Complete with another round of gifts. 
After the Christmas festivities and of course a stop in the ice cream palace, we headed to the Castle to see David's star in his permanent location.  While we were gone today the gift fairy brought all three of my kids a vinylmation and then the star fairy left David directions to his star.  To see David' own handwriting on that sweet star up on the wall, was so very sweet.  We are now considered part of the Give Kids the World family so we are welcome anytime we are here to visit his star, eat at the village, enjoy the activities and come "home" to visit. 

The last activity of the night was to do the star pillow activity.  It is this really cool interactive thing where the kids shake the tree and make a wish and the tree gives them a magic pillow to take home with them.  Hope got a girlie one and the boys got sportsy ones. 

Today was awesome-simply awesome.  David got to see his Lion King show, we got to see his star in its permanent spot, we got lots of presents and love from the village, and we made awesome memories at Animal Kingdom and Epcot.  So far, David's favorite has been Test Track at Epcot-we have ridden it three times this week:)  Good night from Give Kids the World:)

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