Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney Send Off Party!

It is hard to believe that a little under two years after David's initial diagnosis and hearing the term Make-A-wish in reference to our son, it is finally happening!!! We are a few days away from our big trip to Disney and we are over the moon excited. It is a super busy time in our household packing, cleaning, lesson planning, kids homework that they will miss, errands, and more packing! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!

To add to the excitement, our amazing Make-a-Wish volunteers helped us organize a send off party this past Sunday. It was so emotional, fun, precious, and awesome all wrapped up in one big emotion.

Of course the party had to be Disney style to go along with our trip! We had Mickey cupcakes, tons of pizza, David's favorite of oatmeal creme pies, popcorn, and drinks. Those are all David's favorite foods:)
This picture makes me smile because we were blessed with family friends that came to help us celebrate. These friends have been there with us through the whole ordeal-they have prayed for us, made many trips to UVA to visit with us, housed Kyle, kept Hope, and now helped us celebrate this dream vacation for our family. We are a blessed household to have these friends by our side.

Here is David receiving his shirt, button, and backpack from the Make-A-Wish volunteer. He was SO EXCITED!!

This is the packet that has all of our travel information in it. We were so excited and chucked when we saw that the limo will be picking us up for the airport in the middle of the night. Seriously. It is going to be something!

At the party each of my kids got a present and even GG and myself got a special necklace. It was so sweet and of course this Donald has been with Hope since David got it.
Here is our family with our amazing volunteers. We are so overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving that after the nightmare our family has endured that we get to set aside a week and just play and be together making memories. I could cry right now thinking about how blessed we are because of Make-A-Wish and Disney. We have learned throught he nightmare that memories and experiences trump stuff and money anyday and this trip will be such special family time for us all.

I know that several people have wondered if David's prognosis has changed and that is why he is getting to go on a wish trip. Amazingly there are certain diagnosis that automatically get to make a wish and cancer is one of them. He is still cancer-free as of now and we pray that he will remain with us for a very long time. Make-A-Wish is so amazing that your participation in their wish program is based on diagnosis instead of prognosis. They do have the ability to pull a wish together very quickly (in under 48 hours) if a child's medical status changes, however, we have waited over a year for our turn for this wish. We are so grateful for this family time together and look forward to the people we will meet, the adventures we will have, and the memories we will make together as a family! Watch out Disney, David Rock Star Robinson is on the way!!!

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