Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disney Day 3!!

Today our adventures took us to Magic Kingdom.  It was opened until 1 a.m. so we slept in a  little bit, enjoyed a huge buffett breakfast here in the Village, had ice cream after breakfast, and then hopped in our van to go to Magic Kingdom.  The weather has been gorgeous-low 80's and no humidity. 

The Robinson girls heading to Magic Kingdom on the boat.  Hope insisted to wear her Belle dress and her hair clip from Ms. Suzanne.  She wore this dress all. day. long.  Notice all the buttons and lanyard I am wearing-these were given to us by Give Kids the World and they are magical because it identifies us as a wish family.  It allows us to get in the fast pass line without having to have a fast pass.  We have had to wait very little for anything which is amazing considering how MOBBED this place has been. 
We are adventure riders and Hope is proving herself as a daredevil!  This girl loves everything and giggles so loudly on every ride.  We fight over who gets to ride with her because she is so cute with her giggling. 
This space ranger ride was a hit and Kyle came away with the high point total!
We also hit the Speedway to let the kids ride the cars.  They remember this from our trip two years ago and these were a must!
This is David showing his love to Ariel with his heart with his fingers.  Ariel was so sweet to David and talked to him about their red hair!  She was beautiful and oh so sweet.  Hope amazingly got in the picture with her!!! Hope really wants Santa to bring her the Ariel movie and Ariel dress so she had me tell her that. 
This picture is precious to me because this is why we went to Magic Kingdom!  David has been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast since he had cancer.  WE would watch that movie a hundred times at UVA and he knows every song and every word.  He loves Gaston so much so here we are posing outside of Gaston's Tavern.  Another amazing perk to being a wish family is that we receive a photo pass free!  I have a  magical card that I can hand to any park photographer and they will take our picture and scan it on the card.  When I go home I can request a free DVD of those photos for up to 30 days!  This is a $160 value but Give Kids the World really recommends we use those cards so that the whole family can be in the pictures! 
This picture may be the highlight of the entire trip thus far.  Which is really saying something because our trip so far has been nothing but magical.  There is a new attraction in the new Fantasyland called Belle's Enchancted Tale.  Kids get to play the parts and David got to play THE BEAST!!!  He was made for that role.  So he got to be up front with Belle and be the Beast.  It was precious, magical, and amazing to see him up there slow dancing with Belle. I got in serious trouble for taking these pictures but it was SUCH a precious moment for David.  The photopass guy took some more pictures from this, but I am so thankful that David got to play the Beast!!
Right when we came out of the Enchanted Tale, Gaston was doing a meet and greet.  We were allowed to go to the front of the line and spend some time with Gaston!  Our magical buttons are suppose to only work on rides that have fast passes, but at every meet and greet we have not had to wait in a line.  Truly amazing!
This picture is amazing to me because David took Hope by the hand and led her out to meet Snow White! 
David and Hope have also fallen in love with Tangled so we visited with Rapunzel!  I am so proud of Hope for posing with these sweet princesses!!
Tonight we had another amazing Disney moment.  David wanted to ride the train one more time so Mike took him to do that.  This amazing Disney staff member helped us get in a special spot for the nighttime parade.  She was so sweet to David!  The boys purchased some light things for the parade and they all three enjoyed it! Hope was SO EXCITED!!
Hope blew kisses to Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. 
The finale of the parade was a tribute to America with this huge eagle.  David yelled at me "call Ashley Davidson" to see the eagle!  Because of Ashley's new mother-in-law David has a love for eagles! He was so excited. 
I want to frame this picture because I will never forget watching these fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  That show was amazing and David was so happy!  The awesome Disney cast member personally escorted us to this special spot to watch the fireworks in a great spot.  The music and fireworks got me at the end and I just felt so thankful and happy.  David is worn out but he is having the best time.  Disney and Make-A-Wish work so hard to make this a magical trip for us all.  Because of our magical wish button we had to wait very little today despite the crowds and we got to do everything at least once.  I am also so thankful for that photo pass because for once all the pictures will have us both in them!! 
Tomorrow we are heading to Seaworld and then we will return to the Village to eat dinner, make David's star, and enjoy a huge Candyland game.  We are all tired, but oh so blessed and thankful. 

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