Saturday, October 19, 2013


The last two days have been busy and I really should be tired this evening, but my heart is so renewed and happy.  Yesterday David and I roadtripped to UVA for his monthly clinic appointment.  We had a great time together and of course we hit his favorite Cici's Pizza for lunch. 

We were crunched for time, but I just had to stop on the gorgeous scenic overlook on Afton Mountain for a quick picture.  I am not sure if this is "peak" weekend, but Friday was simply golden and gorgeous in Virginia.  To see David so healthy and with a full head of hair with those gorgeous mountains in the background overwhelmed me.  My heart was so full.  So many times we have crossed that mountain going to and from chemo when he was sick or asleep and yesterday I was so grateful to our God. 

David with a head full of gorgeous hair and a spunky attitude to go with it:) At clinic overall we got great news.  He has had a viral croup mess in the last month plus an ear infection so I expected his labs to be a little off.  His Creatinine was a little high, but nothing to worry about.  He weighed in at 67 pounds (wow!) and all other vitals were great.  We will return the first of December for the dreaded scan:(
On the way home from UVA David fell asleep and I was praying and praising God.  I looked up and I saw this beautiful sunset and I just felt so blessed.  That trip to UVA is long, boring, and we have done it way too many times, but I still felt blessed and reassured that God was and will always be with me.
We stopped by my parents for a few minutes on the way home, and David insisted to show them his new Ironman costume that he suckered me out of at Target.  How can you say no to a new costume after all that he has been through?  He is so excited to wear this new costume at Disney!
The other amaing blessing of this weekend was the women's conference I attended today.  I had been asked months ago to speak and I accepted with a knot in my stomach. I do not feel like I am a good speaker but I will gladly go out of my comfort zone and speak to brag on my Jesus.  He has done a mighty work in our lives through David and he continues to bless us with His peace as we face the future. 
Not only was the lunch amazing (you know it is good if I felt compelled to whip out my iphone and take a picture), but the church was welcoming, the ladies were encouraging and kind, and the other speakers wowed me.  I was scheduled to speak last and the knot in my stomach got bigger and bigger after each speaker.  The speakers before me were awesome and they could sing-I barely had a voice due to allergies,  a frog in my throat, and my pantyhose were not cooperating!  I was starting to feel insecure and inadquate until God reminded me that His grace is sufficient.  I held onto the podium for dear life and shared with those kind women how our God used David and his life to show me His glory. It was an awesome day! 
I have spent the evening in the kitchen cooking with my kiddos for some more special events going on tomorrow.  My heart is so thankful and blessed.  Our God is truly the Good Shepherd.

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