Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Special Day at UVA!!!

Yesterday we had a wonderful day at UVA thanks to Special Spectators!  They are a non-profit group that invite children that have serious medical issues to have an awesome fan experience at college football games.  We all five headed to Charlottesville Friday night to get ready for the big day. 

We arrived at the stadium around nine and met the other families that were invited.  We met a sweet family from Richlands whose daughter McKinna just had a heart transplant a month ago at UVA. 
It was a beautiful morning to throw football and tailgate at the stadium.  Here are Hope and David in their Wahoo blue and orange!
Our first stop was the locker room which was way nicer than I expected it to be!  Wow-it was pretty swanky! 
The players were due to arrive soon so all their gear was perfectly laid out in their locker for them.  I was worried that David would start grabbing gear and trying it on!  Ha!
Then we got to walk through the tunnel and go on the field.  Here is our official family photograph on the field that they actually put on the jumbotron during the third quarter.
After our trip to the locker room and on the field we went to the Wahoo Walk where the players walk on their way into the stadium.  The cheerleaders and Cav Man were there.  David and Cav Man really bonded! 
Sweet Hope was terrified of Cav Man and would not get off of her Daddy while he was visiting our tailgate!  Ha! 
David was not shy about high fiving the players and saying "hey man" to get them to come over and high five him! 
David even yelled out for Coach London who came over and gave David a high five! 
David really did not want Cav Man to leave our tailgate so he wanted a picture with Kyle and Cav Man that he jumped in! 
After the Wahoo Walk the cheerleadrs and Cav Man visited our tailgate to meet the children.  What a sweet and beautiful group of cheerleaders! 
It was freakishly hot here in Virginia this weekend and Hope and I got so hot that we left during the third quarter to cool off in the car.  I do not think it was truly 99 degrees but it was mid-nineties at least. 
Today we are home resting after church and our big day overnight stay in Charlottesville.  Mike had to be in Charlottesville Friday for a meeting so we had both of our cars there.  He took the kids on home after the game and I drove myself home and lingered at the Green Valley Book Fair by myself!  What a treat-Mike was certainly speaking my love language yesterday:) 
I am so thankful for this opportunity we had yesterday thanks to Special Spectators!  It is so nice to go to Charlottesville for a fun reason and not to have to visit the hospital for treatment or ouchies. So many of my fall UVA memories involve scary things since David was diagnosed with his cancer in the fall.  All five of us had a wonderful day meeting new people, cheering on the Wahoos, and making new and happy memories in Charlottesville.  What a wonderful gift!

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