Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Picking with Church Friends

Our family has a new routine on Wednesday afternoons this year.  The kids and I meet at church for the afterschool program! Hope and I go early and set up snack for anywhere from 35-40 children and a dozen or so youth. Kyle walks to church from school for youth group and David rides the church bus from his school to church.

I will admit that I was kind of worried about taking on this responsibility each week and planning a lesson on top of all the lesson planning I do for preschool. I have been surprised about the blessing that I have received by participating in this program. I am one of the four or five faithful teachers that have committed to being there each week and I LOVE IT! I love greeting the children when they get off the bus, I love setting out their snack, and I love talking about Jesus with that many kids. 

Yesterday we took a break from our regular bible rotations to visit the Connor's pumpkin patch with all the afterschool kids. 

This was Hope's second visit to the patch!
Most kids are on the hunt for a big pumpkin, but David was on the hunt for a small one that he could carry. 
We had to get a picture of the two red heads matching the pumpkins with their gorgeous red hair!  Baby Sage LOVED the pumpkin patch and of course she was dressed oh so cute for her visit to the pumpkin patch. Dave loves Baby Sage so much! 
David's sweet friend, Ally was helping him find a pumpkin that he could carry.  She is such a sweet girl and they have been friends since preschool.
The Connor's land is gorgeous and to see all these beautiful children runnng through the patch on a gorgeous fall day in Virginia was a sight to see.  Mr. and Mrs. Connor are such kind and generous souls to allow so many church children to pick a pumpkin.  Happy Fall Y'all!

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