Thursday, October 24, 2013

Give Kids the World Day 1

Day one of our magical trip started EARLY,  like really early.  Like Mike was out in our street at 2:45 a.m. this morning helping the limo driver navigated our neighborhood early!

The kids were wide awake and ready to go at 2:30 this morning!  This enormous limo picked us up at our neighbors house because it was too big to fit on our narrow street.  Here is David's reaction to the limo! 

We really thought that they would sleep in the limo-not!!  They were SO EXCITED and wild that they enjoyed every second of that limo trip.  We got to our nearby airport at 4 a.m. and we were the first ones to arrive!  Our flights were smooth and easy and we arrived in Orlando at 9a.m. 

Walking through the huge Orlando airport we spotted a Give Kids the World volunteer who was waiting for us!  She was holding a huge sign with David's name on it.  She helped us get our baggage, escorted us to the rental car station, and gave us directions to Give Kids the World.  AMAZING!!!
We arrived at the village and we were greeted at check in with gifts for each of our kids!  Here is David getting a mickey at arrival.  While we waited for our villa to be ready, we went and had lunch at the resort.  All of our meals are covered here at the village-amazing!!

Then we were escorted to our own villa!  It is two bedrooms and two baths and it is beautiful!!!  Here we are by our Welcome Home Robinson sign:)  This picture is so precious to me because we were all so excited for our adventure to begin. 
Inside our Villa the gift fairy had already been here and left gifts for our kids.  Apparently the fairy comes every. single. day. here. 
Our first stop was Gatorland in Kissimmee.  We have complimentary tickets to tons of area attractions and with David's obsession with Swamp People and Gator Boys, we knew we had to hit this attraction.  It did not disappoint!  He loved it!
The alligator wrestling show was so awesome that David....
wanted to wrestle a gator!!!  He posed with this tame yet real alligator! We were shocked that he did it!! 
David did not want to wear the snake or hold the baby gator, but he did want to pose with it!  This is our sassy boy!
The gator feeding show was another hit for our family!  Here are alligators jumping for raw chickens. 
I am too tired to blog tonight about this special and amazing village.  I will do more later, but just know that this resort is only for wish kids and their families.  It is amazingly run by volunteers, and there is enough to keep us busy here for a week!  I have teared up many many times already today. This place is awesome. 
Tonight was the Winter Wonderland party with Santa!  There were games, gingerbread house making, a parade, pictures with Santa, and a dance party on the main avenue here at the resort.  It actually "snowed" here tonight during the dance party.  This place is all about making magical memories!! 
This boy has already had a lifetime of fun in just this one little day!  After your visit and picture with Santa, you got to visit the gift shack!
All three of my children got to pick out a new toy for christmas!!! 
One of my childhood family friends, Meg,  lives here in Florida.  Today I sent her a random facebook message inviting her to come hang out with us in the village.  She came over and we had the best time!  David of course loved her and it was so good to catch up with her.  She is a genuine person who has a huge heart!  David did not want her to leave us tonight!  Thanks Meg for taking time to come hang out with us!! 
My lack of sleep is catching up to me but just know that our hearts are full here and that we are having a blast!  We are so thankful and blessed for this time together.  Today was only day one and I already have a lifetime of memories in my heart.  Wow. 

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