Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disney Day 2

Day two of Disney did not disappoint.  We are exhausted but it is a good kind of tired.  My makeup wore off hours ago after the different times I cried happy tears.  We started the day out early here in the village because Universal characters were here this morning.  We were pleasantly surprised that Woody Woodpecker was one of the characters. 

We were the first in line to for the character visit this morning here in the village.  We then went into the Gingerbread House for an amazing breakfast buffet.  The food here in the village is awesome!  It is all free here in the village.  I have already lost count how many times Mike has enjoyed some ice cream!  The ice cream place is open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. so ice cream and soda are available anytime you want it.  Here is sweet Hope with David's Mickey!
The Castle of Dreams is one of my favorite places here in the village.  Not only does it have a carousel that we can ride anytime, but on the ceiling is where all the stars shimmer and shine.  Each star represents every wish child that has ever been here.  One day while we are here we will decorate David's star and we will leave it in the castle.  Overnight the star fairies will put it in his permanent location and then leave us a card where it is so we can visit his star while we are here.  We might do this in the morning:)
David and Woody the Woodpecker and his girlfriend! After hanging out in the village this morning playing putt putt, playing with the remote-controlled boats, and eating we headed out to Hollywood Studios. 
Our first stop was the Beauty and the Beast show.  This is David's reaction to.....
The Beast coming on stage!!!  He was so excited and he sang every word and also knew every line of the show.  Clearly we have spent many hours in the hospital watching Beauty and the Beast.  We all enjoyed that awesome show!
This picture says it all! 
After that we headed to Toy Story Mania!  We all loved that ride so much we did it twice!  We are a highly competitive bunch so we kept up with out point totals.  Today I had to attend an hour long orientation here in the Village to get our tickets and to learn about this awesome place.  My head was full of information after that orientation.  Have I mentioned how awesome Give Kids the World Village is?  wow. 
At orientation I was given a special guest assistance pass that allows us to get in the fast pass line at the rides.  It literally saved us hours of waiting and we were not tied down to the times if we would have gotten fast passes.  When the workers here at Disney see David's Wish button (which he is making me wear) and our guest assistance card they have been so sweet and awesome.  Disney rocks.
Stepping out of Toy Story Mania for the second time, David ran into the soldier from Toy Story.  He loves those dudes dressed in green and he posed with them. 
Another highlight of the day for David and Hope was the Disney Junior Live on Stage show.  I found myself singing along with their favorite characters like Jake, Sophia, and Doc McStuffins!  Here they were popping bubbles that came out of the ceiling!
Okay, grab a tissue if you are tender-hearted like me.  Sophia the First is one of the newest characters from Disney.  The line to see her was crazy long and we were discouraged to even try to stand in line for her.  Then a worker saw us and motioned for us to come up to her.  She put us right in the front of the line and within minutes we were walking in to see Sophia!!!!  David made me cry happy tears when I saw him not walk up beside her and pose but he grabbed her hand and started slow dancing with her.  I could barely take pictures for wiping away happy tears!!  Have I mentioned how awesome Disney is to wish kids? 
This is the miracle pose of all!  HOPE is in a character picture smiling!!!!  She is petrified of characters but wanted to get close enough to Sophia to tell her that she has a new Sophia nightgown that she is wearing here for the trip. 
This was another character visit that was so kind to us.  Buzz and Woody always attract a crowd and the line to see them was out of the building.  It would have been 45 minutes at least to see these two.  Once again a worker allowed David to walk right in to see Buzz and Woody within minutes.  It was unbelievable! 
Toy Story Mania was a huge hit with all of us!  Here are Mike and Kyle racking up the points!  Mike of course was the high point winner in our crowd. 
Still smiling after a long but gorgeous day here.  The weather has been perfect! 

I am still stunned at how amazing this village is.  Tonight they had a pirate and princess party which we missed because we were at Epcot enjoying Soarin and our new favorite Disney ride-Test Track.  You simply cannot do it all here!  There is enough going on in the village to keep you entertained for a week and then to add in a three day park hopper to Disney, two days to Universal, and one day for Seaworld is truly mind boggling.  The generosity of this place is amazing.  They have 1500 volunteers here in the village per week to keep this awesome place so magical for these kiddos.

Last night there was a Christmas party and it actually "snowed."  One Mom wheeled her handicapped son under the snow machine and to see him smiling and enjoying that snow made me tear up happy tears.  Day two is done and this Momma needs to spend some time with God thanking Him for this opportunity we have had together as a family and sleep.  Good night from Give Kids the World Village!

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