Thursday, August 7, 2008


One of the wonderful joys of summer is spending time with family that do not live in your town. Recently the boys and I met my Mom and my three year old nephew, Clayton at the pool. It was so fun to see the boys together. Clayton has a hilarious personality and sometime during the day I told him not to do something (can't remember what) and he responded by saying "but I are going to do it" with his sweet smile! Frankly I let him do what he wanted to do because how can you argue with "I are!"
Here are some pictures from our pool day. Both Mike and I have brothers-his brother has three boys in Louisiana and my brother has two sons here in Virginia. Nope, there are no ruffles and lace in this bunch. It is sports, Under Armor obsessions (my boys), and tons of energy for this family.

Clayton was so cute at pool break! He stretched out on his towel to "lay out in the sun!" My kids were just looking for the oatmeal creme pies and dodging the sunscreen spray!:)

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