Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet Victories

Hello! I am so bummed that this post will not have a picture to attach because my camera is having issues, but hopefully I can post one later. Anyway, after months of discussing, begging, and thinking about it, Kyle decided last night that he was ready to take the training wheels off of his bike! This issue has been such a sensitive one to Kyle because he so wanted to take the wheels off, but was petrified! What prompted the sudden decision was no less than seeing the girls next door (who are a year younger mind you) flying around on their bikes training-wheel free!

Mike grabbed the tool box and set the wheels free! What transpired next was nothing short of a life lesson for us all! Kyle clung on to the handle bars as Mike ran beside him through the yard. The first few attempts were not smooth, pretty, or even close! But, after many laps around the yard, encouragement from David and I, soon he was flying free. The look of pride and joy on his face is not something I will forget anytime soon.

What stands out about this hour in our family's life was watching Mike huff and puff around the yard with Kyle. His patience with him was astounding, as I was frankly no help since I was messing with the camera, screaming words of encouragement, and trying to keep David out of Kyle's path. Mike really had no idea what he was doing, but nonetheless, Kyle came away from it proud as a peacock with the knowledge that his Daddy was cheering him on the whole way! Often as parents we do not have a guide book or instruction manual, but often when we run beside our child huffing and puffing and cheering them on in their pursuits that is when we truly help our child succeed. I know I am often guilty of trying to "control" certain situations for both of my boys, but God used this example to remind me to run alongside my child cheering my guts out and allowing them to lead the way.

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