Friday, August 1, 2008


Welcome to the Robinson family blog! The intention of this blog is to keep friends and family both near and far updated on the happenings in our family. Summer has been full of swimming and sun. I am so sad that the lazy days of summer are winding down, but I am excited for another year of teaching preschool. Kyle will be in 1st grade and David will be in an inclusive Prek class this year. I will be sad to give my boys up on the first day of school (August 20th) but Kyle is so excited that 1st grade does not take a nap:) Mike has worked hard this summer getting the school system ready for another year and he did teach a class for UVA. Enjoy the last magical days of summer!

This picture was taken at Claytor Lake during July. David was really excited to fish for the first time-even though his casting is still dangerous to those on the dock around him:) He wants to do anything that Kyle is doing!


  1. We love the blog! We will be checking in often to see new pictures and entries! We only have two weeks before we start school so we are trying to get some summer activities in quickly. The summer went by too fast! Your boys are growing up too fast too!!! Love the picture of them fishing.

  2. Laura - Mike Robinson cracks me up! though your boys are so cute, I may come and whisk them away to live in this house full of girls. we also begin school on the 20th and take Martha to Tech the 21st. such a bittersweet time - she is soooo ready to go! call me soon - I miss you and want to run away with you for weeks and weeks. better yet, how come you don't live closer??