Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gatherings with friends

One of the wonderful things about living in a small town is the sense of community. This past weekend we had two back to school gatherings as a way for the kids to reconnect with friends and make new friends. Several moms went together and we hosted a skating party for all rising first graders at Kyle's school. We even bought Kyle some new roller blades for the occassion! Kyle got to meet three new friends that will be in his class with him-the party was a success! Here is Kyle trying out the new roller blades:)

Also, this past weekend my friend, Lynn hosted a little back to school gathering for David and Tommy's preschool friends. All the preschoolers that were there will be in my preschool class this year. When we got to Tommy's house for the party, Tommy greeted us in full policeman attire over his bathing suit! It was so hilarious and I just had to post the picture! I believe my grandfather back in 1981 had the same sunglasses!! I love him!

The other picture is of David and Will sharing some pizza on Lynn's deck! Betweeen all the back to school parties and the late hours we are keeping over the Olympics, I am exhausted. Hopefully all these back to school gatherings with friends will help the boys make a smooth transition tomorrow for school!

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