Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little boy thrills

Saturday night we took the boys and GG and Pops to Blacksburg for the Hokie Kids Club autograph session with the football players. What fun Kyle had! He was given a poster for all the players to sign and of course I had my camera ready! We goofed with David and took him to see the Hokie Bird first, which scared him so much it took him a while to warm up to meet the players! Anyway it was such a fun night for the boys and I was impressed with how chatty and personable the players were. One even told Kyle to keep eating his vegetables!

Kyle signs up for peanut football league this Monday night, so it was a fun way for him to get excited about playing football. Here are some pictures from the night!

Kyle with Sean Glennon. He was very nice with all the kids.

Here are both boys with Tyrod Taylor. His line was so long, but he was very patient and kind with the boys. He grabbed David up to sit on his lap.

David showing his muscles with Will Alvarez! What a cute picture of David:)

Both boys with Macho Harris. His line was super long, but he had a great personality with the kids. David got such a kick out of saying his name-Macho! Overall it was such a fun night, and I truly think my Dad enjoyed it as much as the kids!! Go Hokies!

I do have to give my La Tech and UVA graduate husband some props. It was technically his birthday celebration night and we ended up at a Hokie event! Mike is not a huge Hokie fan, but he went along with it since the boys had such a fun time.

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