Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life with David

I have been thinking a lot this week about life with David. That comment from that grandmother really has made me stop and think about David's disability. Is our life with David really different from other's? I am pleased to say that yes! Life with David is tremendously and fabulously different, but not necessarily due to his disability but due to the little wonder that David is. David is certainly a challenge due to his determined spirit, but one of my favorite parts about David is his love for all people. It makes me so thrilled that David loves freely without holding back anything for anyone. He is equally excited to see his best buds as he is to see a stranger at Target. Thankfully David does not hold grudges against people that do not appreciate his uniqueness-I wonder if he ever will.

I just had to share these pictures of David this from this week. He has been in swimming lessons with his friend, Ally. David also got to play putt-putt golf with the neighborhood kids for the first time this week. I had no idea how putt-putt golf would go, but often the times that I doubt David is when he rises to the occasion and amazes and entertains me!

On the 18th hole, the ball goes down the hole to never return signaling the end of the game. As you can see from this picture, David cherished his ball and was not thrilled that it was gone forever! Not even bribes for ice cream could end this meltdown!!:)

David learning to swim on his noodle! Swimming is so great for his weak tummy muscles and thankfully Kyle's swimming Coach, Mrs. Meg was available to help David.

David looking very similar to Tiger Woods in this picture-all he needs is Tiger's signature red golf shirt and black pants!!

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