Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sweet friends

This has been such a sweet summer for my boys. Suddenly we have a neighborhood full of children for the boys to play with. Kyle is always thrilled to have someone to run around with and play sports with, but David has truly loved having friends so close by. Last night we went to a Tball party and here is a sweet picture of David with one of his favorite girls from the neighborhood, Kelsey. I just love the expressions on their faces! Also, here is a picture of Kyle with his neighborhood buddy, Tanner.

Growing up Mike and I were both blessed to have a neighborhood full of kids to play with and we are thankful that our kids will have the same for this season in their life. Neighborhood friends have made the summer much sweeter and fuller due to spontaneous playdates and adventures. I have yet to hear those obnoxious words that make every mother cringe-"I'm bored!" Enjoy the sunshine!

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