Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopping with my boys

The title of this entry would make most people run for the hills! Why, you ask, would I take my boys shopping by myself? We went on a quest for school supplies and stuff for my preschool room. Overall the day went well, but I am exhausted and somehow the boys are still full of energy-perhaps it doesn't take as much energy to whine as it does to chase David around the sporting goods store!

Anyway, at the sporting goods store, I had finally corralled David while I could pay for Kyle's new "hoodie." (I am still confused over the name change-weren't they just called hooded sweatshirts a year or two ago?) Anyway, as I was paying for a grossly overpriced Under Armor "hoodie" this tiny little woman approached me and commented on David's beautiful red hair.

Frankly, people stop me all the time about David's hair, so I briefly looked up to respond to her while still trying to write a check and corralling wild man. I then saw tears in her eyes and she asked me if he had Down Syndrome. I responded with a smile and confirmed that he does. She then went on with this story that her daughter in SC has recently had a baby with DS. She just cried to me and said "what will my daughter do with her?"

It was such a tough moment for me because I wanted to say "excuse me-what do you mean by that?" I know David at that moment was not acting like the poster child for a well-behaved little boy, but give me a break. Thankfully God stopped that train of thought and reminded me that this moment could go a long way with this family. Yes I was tired, grumpy, and just wanted to get out of that store with Kyle's new "hoodie," both boys, and my sanity, but this moment was not all about me.

But thankfully God took over and His grace, not my grumpiness, poured from my mouth. I touched that grieving grandmother's arm and looked her in the face and reminded her that her daughter will raise her just like any other child with firm limits, tons of patience, and a love from the depths of her soul. There was so much I wanted to share with this lady about all the joys and triumphs that we have experienced the last four years with David, but this sweet grandmother wasn't ready for my story yet. She needed to hop on the interstate and drive to SC to help her daughter start writing their own story with their sweet newborn.

We will never know why we were chosen for this special walk in this world, but Mike and I have always felt that we were specifically chosen for David by God. Hopefully soon, this sweet family in SC will see the honor that has been bestowed on them by our Creator that He deemed them worthy of raising an angel straight from heaven who just happens to have an extra chromosome!

Speaking of David, tomorrow we have to take him for a neck scan to check and see if he is able to take part in gymnastics this fall. Pray for us, Mike specifically, as he will get the job of holding David down so they can get the xrays. I will let you know how it goes. If you hear a child screaming "no way no" you will know it is David on the xray table! "No way no" is his loud and clear objection to anything he doesn't want to do these days!

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  1. I'm sure it was no accident that little grandmother met you and your sweet boys of the reasons you were chosen by Him is probably because of your sense of awareness of the hearts in need around you - our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face the x-ray machine today!!