Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cute Pics

I am a little delayed with some pictures on here, so I thought I would download today since I am still not feeling all that great. I actually plan to head to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure everything is okay. Here are some pictures from our trip to Wilderness at the Smokies, easter eggs, and I had to add one of David all dressed up like a cowboy:)

Here are the boys coloring easter eggs at my parents house. Kyle really got into doing it and David did also which kind of surprised me. It was a little nerve-wracking because David is Mr. Independent and wanted no help, but you can see how pale my parents' house is!! There was white carpet underneath them!

Here is David doing the backstroke! He loved the water so much that we had to bribe him to get him out to take a break:)

Last weekend at Wilderness at the Smokies. Kyle really enjoyed the surfing and got brave enough to get up on his knees:) He loved it!

I cannot believe how precious David looked for Wild West day at school. I never thought he would make it all day in those boots, but he was so proud of himself all "cowboyed up!" He loved it and stayed dressed up all day:)

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