Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

It is a beautiful day. Our hearts are full of joy as we celebrate the amazing resurrection of Jesus, our bellies are full from the awesome Easter brunch we went to, and our day is stretched ahead of us with no plans but to be together.

After church we went to Hungry Mother Park and ate at the restaurant there. They had an amazing Easter brunch and David put a hurting on some waffles. After we ate we walked around the beautiful park (tiny steps since I was in heels and a skirt) and took these fun family pictures. The boys were dying to get in the creek and it seemed so unfair to them that they were at the park all dressed up and could not get dirty:)

Easter is always so amazing, but today I have to admit on a totally vain note that I was mesmerized with every little girl I saw in an Easter dress. I have never thought much about little girls in Easter dresses, but it hit us that this time next year we too will have to buy an Easter dress:) Our baby seems so real and imminent since we are getting oh so close on a name and her room is looking like a real girl lives there:)

I love this picture so-the boys were peering over the banister to look for snakes and their little faces just look so precious to me I just had to snap a picture. Sometimes the most wonderful pictures are not planned:)

Kyle took this extremely close up picture of me and David. This picture is a good example of how wild my hair has gotten during this pregnancy. I cannot control the curl anymore and it is WILD! It must be all the estrogen because my hair never did this with the boys.

Kyle insisted that each boy get their own picture with Daddy. They are BOTH such Daddy's boys right now and really wanting Daddy's attention. I know Mike loves all the attention, but the man cannot even go to the bathroom in peace these days!!

My precious boys-I cannot believe how big they have gotten and how time flies:) Happy Easter:)


  1. I love the pictures and miss you all very much!!!! Happy Easter!

  2. I love being able to keep up with you all (and "see" you) by looking at your sweet blog! How much do you want to bet that Princess Robinson will have a head full of curls!?!? I was right about her being a girl...let's see if I'm right about the curls (even if they aren't right there at birth, I still betcha!!)