Monday, April 6, 2009

No Pride Left

I know that I said earlier today that I was going to focus my blog on holy week, but I must share some details of the day.

First off, my doctor's appointment went well. Come to find out I have had a stomach bug over the weekend that made me feel bad. Also, the doctor discovered from bloodwork last week for my glucola test that my iron is low and that is another reason I feel horrible. Both are fixable and I left the doctor's office on cloud nine.

Also, embarrassingly to admit, those pains that I was so worried about last night were nothing less than Braxton-Hicks contractions. Yes, I know this is my THIRD child and I should have known that, but it has been a while since I have done this:)

Okay, here is the funny part of my day. After swim practice, Kyle bought a pack of skittles. He asked me to hold them while he went and shot a few baskets with a teammate from baseball. So I stood there and chatted with a few swim moms while he shot baskets with some kid from his baseball team. I admit that I munched on a few skittles while I chatted with some friends.

After a few moments I went to drag him out of the basketball court and sure enough he was shooting with one of the OB's in my practice and his sons. I stood there and chatted with my OB and Kyle came over and asked for his bag of skittles that I was holding for him. In FRONT OF MY DOCTOR Kyle then proceeded to say "Mooommmm, you ate all of my skittles." I was mortified and tried to ignore my son and keep chatting with my OB. Unfortunately Kyle's manners took a temporary leave of absence from him and he got louder and louder. Finally he handed them to me and said "Moommm since you have eaten them all you can buy me another pack." I do not know what I was most horrified about-Kyle's lack of manners or the fact that he made a public spectacle out of the fact his pregnant Mom ate a few skittles in FRONT OF HER OB! I have no pride left....

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